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Ukraine model manufacturer AMP is proud to announce the upcoming release of their 1/144 Soviet midget sub “Piranha”. Retail price for this kit range from $16.45 in Europe to $32.32 in the Asian markets.
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Tom’s Modelworks is proud to announce their latest 1/700 photo-etch set for the South Dakota class battleships. This comprehensive set has everything you need to upgrade your new South Dakota, Massachusetts or Alabama.
Continuing to expand their naval titles, Osprey has announced the upcoming release of British Dreadnought vs German Dreadnought and U-boat Tactics in World War II. Both of these titles cover what is arguably two of the most important battles of the twentieth century, Jutland and the Battle of the Atlantic.
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2 years in the making here is a great DVD for anyone interested in WWI aviation replicas. It gives you the basics of what a modern day flying circus has to do to move across country to meet up at the Annual Dawn patrol in Ohio. The flying sequences are breathtaking.
From the realization of powered flight by an obscure Bavarian emigrant to the weapons of aerial destruction used by Richthofen's flying circus,
this project attempts to archive vintage photographs of flying machines flown before and during the first two decades of the 20th century.

The collection currently contains 5134 downloadable images : 08.04.10

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Herpa announces, as part of their huge Wings series, the release of an N scale (1/160) Junkers Ju-52/3m of the Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis Museum.
Gary Marples of Suisoft Ltd. has announced a new and enhanced version of Kitbase, the database application for Scale Modellers. This is a free update for existing owners.
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Resin Realities presents a new line of figures based off works from Ken Kelly.
Please, see also attached pictures. . . Sincerely, Olga"
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MK35 Editions have announced the release of a new female figure to their O scale civilian range.
We have reached a commercial milestone in the past week. Namely in we have sold out of all our primary banner ad spaces on Armorama (which includes our network-wide banner ads that show across all sites). We do still have some text ad spots available however.
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Hasegawa have recently announced their June 2009 releases. While only one auto kit was added to the stable, the classic Ferrari single seater will appeal to 1970s era F1 fans. Staying with the prancing horse theme, also featured is an earlier 2009 auto release.
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MK35 Editions have announced the release of a new figure to their O scale civilian range .
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Fujimi have recently announced their July 2009 releases, including some 12 automotive kits!
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Tamiya have recently announced their July 2009 releases; Tamiya’s recent automotive kit releases include only 6-wheeled machine in F1 history: the Tyrrell P34.
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Tamiya’s auto releases for the first 6 months of 2009 include the addition of a further four kits to the 1/24 scale Sports Car Series as well as a new 1/6 scale motorcycle.
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Fujimi have recently announced their June 2009 releases. Included amongst the 1/24 scale sports cars are, interestingly, two 1/32 scale buses.
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Revell-Monogram has responded to the wishes of the truck modeling community by reissuing two very popular kits: the Kenworth W900 Snap & the 1926 Mack Bulldog tanker.
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Revell Germany has recently announced the release of two new automotive kits, the one an oldtimer, the other a modern sports car giftset.
Revell of Germany is planning on reissuing the Kenworth W-900 truck tractor.
AMT/Round2 has announced that there will be several reissues of 1/25 scale truck & trailer kits in 2009.
  • www.airbrushes.com
The latest news from The Airbrush Company Ltd.
Have you ever been stuck looking for that extra something that will make your model really special, different, or just come to life. Check out these new items from Scale Equipment Ltd.
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AMT/Ertl is releasing four new kits with a bit of a twist. All are classics and include a bonus for the collector.
Dragon has released a 1/72 scale model of a P-38 Pathfinder containing all the special characteristics of this version of the Lightning.
It receives a clear nose thanks to a completely new mold that shows off the radar system installation.
Detail is finely rendered, and careful engineering ensures this model aircraft is easy to assemble.