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Aoshima's 1/20 Rex Combi (Out of Box)
Ontario, Canada
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Posted: Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - 09:22 AM UTC
For those who grew up in the Ď60s or Ď70s, big cars were just the norm. For those, like me, who grew up in the late Ď70s and early Ď80s, large cars were still quite plentiful, but they werenít being replaced as they died. No, instead, we got to see them replaced by much smaller, imported cars, with transverse engines and none-too-exciting two-box hatchback body styles. At the time, these newcomers looked positively ridiculous in comparison. However, most of us never knew that things got much, much smaller than that!

Given that I love everyday cars, weird cars and loser cars (or at least those that suck due to inherent non-excitingness), itís not a surprise that I have a goodly number of weird kits in my stash. Iím also a bit of a 1/20 lover, although Iíve never built one, I have a lot of them, and Iím always on the lookout for more. Thankfully, I managed to find one that isnít going to suck up much shelf space!

If you want small, quirky and outright laughably non-aggressive, check out my recently acquired 1/20 Subaru Rex Combi! Donít tell me I donít bring you the weirdness in spades!