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Rattle spray cans
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Posted: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 10:50 AM UTC
I don't know why but here in the last couple weeks I have tried several different kinds of spray paint out of these old rattle cans but all of them plug up just as soon as I try to spray out of them, now I'm not sure but is it the humidity here in the Buckeye or is it just me having a lot of bad luck.

See the cans I tried were Big lot specials that I bought last year but never got to try them until now, and the bright red I tried was a used model spray can that I got at my hobby shop a while back but had some left in it.

Now I have used these kind of spray cans before with no trouble but now none of them will spray for me, they all plug up on the first spray and it was real hard to turn unpside down to clean them up without it clogging up again.

I have tried the warm water plus shake them up well but they still plug up would any one know why they are, and if you do is it the high heat with the high humidity like I think it is that is stopping me or is it something else I don't know about.