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Making decals for 1/18th sprint cars
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Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 10:44 AM UTC
Hi everyone,
I'm coming to the dark side for awhile and ask all of you a decal question.
I have been online for awhile and can't seem to find any sponser decal sheets.
Does anyone make these sheets in this scale?
If not,how does one make decals from scratch?
Unfortunately,I don't have a computer in my home,so I have to go to my local library.
Do any of you make decals for yourselves?
The problem that I seem to have with a couple of my kits is that there is no decals for these 2 kits and I'm stuck with an incomplete kits.Its very discouraging!Can anyone help me with this dilemma? I would be willing to send anyone who can make them,the images I need so they could make them.
I don't know why some kits don't have decals in them and of course trying to get a hold the company's to have them send the decal sheets is impossible.
Please help anyone? Just post me or even PM me as well.
sign; desperate