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Ebbro: Team Lotus Type 49 (1967)
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Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2019 - 08:31 AM UTC

Here's a look at Ebbro''s kit of the Lotus Type 49 in its original 1967 form.

Read the Review

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Posted: Monday, September 09, 2019 - 04:38 AM UTC
Another excellent review, and it's of one of my two all time favorite F1 cars, both from the 1967 season. That's of course is Dan Gurney's AAR Westlake Eagle. I sure do wish that Ebbro/Tamiya would do his car in both scales.

Your detailed review of the kit should put to rest anyone nervous or hesitant about buying/building this kit. Although, the painting of the tub is a little shall we say somewhat out of the usual. But it's not a big deal.

As for the single instrument decal, in 1/20 scale I've always solved that problem with my trusty punch set.

And for the issue of the plastic intake guards, just leave them off. I can send you literally dozens of pictures of Jim Clark in his Lotus 49 without them. Actually, in most races they weren't used as the did almost nothing worthwhile other then preventing literally marble size rocks from getting to the fuel injection meter. And that's just not happening. The real issue has always been sucking in dust, dirt, sand, and even bugs, but only a proper air filter will prevent that.

From personal experience the Cartgraf decals are fantastic, but at some point they went in house, and those decals are actually the equal. So no worries there.

Your thoughts on the chromed parts are 100%. No part of the Lotus was chromed in race trim. drive shafts and suspension rods were highly polished stainless steel. The wheels, depending on the race had a grayish cash center section with polished Aluminum rims. Again, you're correct that they weren't chromed.

Ebbro has led the way with tires that are truly top of the line, pre-lettered and treaded by era. Just not sure about the actual tread pattern as it did vary. And if there is a center seam, that's actually correct for brand new, not used tires, but need to be in scale.

I'm really looking forward to your build blog. I might even join you with another version like the B or C, and maybe even Rob Walker's private entry.

And thanks for that link to the Zandvoort race.