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Beemax Kremer Porsche 935 K2
Beemax Kremer Porsche 935 K2 1977 DRM version
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by: Joel Willstein [ JOEL_W ]

The Porsche 935 race car was manufactured by Porsche. It was 1st raced in the 1976 FIA for Group 5 cars.

For the 1977 season Porsche sold the 935 to private teams who were also competing in the World Challenge.

Porsche customers had a great advantage over other privately entered cars, as most other manufacturers never sold their current factory version, only the previous years cars. These cars were entered in Group 5 which was known back then as "silhouette rules", where several significant modifications were allowed, including bodywork modifications, larger wings, wider axles and water cooling, providing that the basic silhouette of the car remained unchanged when viewed from the front.

Some teams rather then using the Porsche 935 kits developed their own cars, which Kremer Racing being the best of the lot. Their K1 version was the equal to the Porsche factory cars in 1976, and in 1977 modified their customer's 935 to the K2, and then in 1979 they introduced the 935 K3.

Kit Review
The kit is both marketed by Beemax and in association with Aoshima. Both boxings are the identical kit, and since I'm reviewing and building the Beemax boxing, that will be the focus of this in box review.

The kit is molded in what i call a semi curbside or semi detailed kit depending on your point of view. The engine/transmission/suspension is only the visible bottom sides, yet very well detailed. No need to mold the tops as the hood nor the trunk opens up.

Upon opening the box, you're greeted with one large section of 11 sprue trees, with the larger trees separately bagged in clear plastic, but the smaller trees are bagged in groups of 2 & 3. The sprue of clear glass parts are separately bagged and the rubber seal areas are very well marked for easy masking or hand painting. Separately bagged are the 4 chromed wheels which are absolutely beautiful. The plating isn't heavy handed and quite realistic, so no need to strip and repaint. There is also a bag for the rubber tires & caps which contains a piece of mesh to cut the screens out of.

The decals give you the option of either Vaillant car, the white #70, and the version I'm planning on doing, the #51 Vaillant Green. Thank Goodness that Gravity of Spain makes the exact color, which I've already ordered. The decals are printed by Cartograf and look absolutely perfect. No need for after market ones on this build.

The instructions drawn on 6 pages with a complete chart for both Mr. Color Aqueous and Creos paints. Neither type of Mr.Color paint that I presently use for air brushing.

After carefully reading and trying to understand the instructions that break the build down into 13 sections, there's arrows everywhere, so you need to really study each section and dry fit the parts to make sure you have the part attaching to the right part, and the right color.

As for color callouts, well, some are right, and some are wrong. I've done enough research on the Kremer 935 K2s to understand why the differences in colors. An example is the steering boots, which the call out is for Orange, the same color as the brake air intake tubes. The racing version had flat rubberish black. Tamiya Nato black would be a perfect match. The Interior of the car could have been white, green, or flat black. The issue stems from the fact as to how the car came from Porsche. Kremer on the complete rebuild painted the interior usually in the same color as the exterior, but not always. And then there is the Kremer show cars, which were painted always in the sponsors colors, as well as the roll cage.

All the parts are very well detailed. Unfortunately, some flash does show up that has to be cleaned off. This really puzzles me as to why on a new molding.

I really like this kit, as well as this molding format of semi detailed, which the vast majority of Asian kit makers of covered wheel type cars are now following. This will in reality make the build go faster, and with a lot less issues, especially with suspension and wheel alignment so that all four wheels touch the ground and are aligned correctly. And with the decals being Cartograf shouldn't offer any issues.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AUTO MODELER. We'd greatly appreciate it.
Highs: Excellent and highly detailed moldning. Dry fitting presented no issues that I could find. The Cartograf decals are a major plus. The instruction booklet presents the build in a very logical manner, so no skipping around is needed nor advised.
Lows: Only the incorrect color callouts depending on the actual car you're modeling. Colors per manufacture can easily be found online, so it's really not an issue. I also didn't like the bagging of the smaller sprues together as it's easy for the smaller parts
Verdict: I really like this kit, as well as this molding format of semi detailed, which the vast majority of Asian kit makers of covered wheel type cars are now following. This will really make the build go faster, and with a lot less issues, especially with susp
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: 824015
  Suggested Retail: $59.95
  Related Link: Beemax Homepage
  PUBLISHED: May 29, 2019

About Joel Willstein (Joel_W)

I've been a plastic scale modeler on and off for most of my life since I 1st found them on a shelf at a local toy store way back in the very early 1960s. Once in High School modeling stopped until the mid 1970s when I got married, and needed a hobby that would keep me at home. After 10 years I to...

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Hi Joel Really nice first review for Auto Modeler - and as an editor in your own right! Talk about hitting the ground running! All the best Rowan
MAY 30, 2019 - 07:24 AM
Great review Joel. Pair this up with your comprehensive build log thread and you will be providing a huge amount of information for anybody looking at purchasing this kit in the future. Cheers, D
MAY 30, 2019 - 11:30 AM
D, Thanks for the thumbs up on my 1st review as an Associate Editor. Long ways to go till I'm really comfortable doing these new functions. As for the actual build blog, the build is coming along at my usual steady but slow pace, especially with the nicer weather, and the Honey To Do list just getting longer and longer. I'm about done with the basic engine/transmission, and will be doing a update on it in a day or so. Joel
MAY 31, 2019 - 04:04 AM
Nicely done buddy and very little help needed.
MAY 31, 2019 - 07:08 AM
Darren, Thanks so much for that. But the truth is you guys really stepped up and helped me a great deal as I was just plain lost. Joel
MAY 31, 2019 - 08:58 AM

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