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MISSION: Aerodrome            


  START DATE:March 15th, 2003
  ENDS:June 30th, 2003
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Aerodrome Campaign
The diorama campaign featured an airfield during World War II, either from the Allied or the Axis.

Operational Overview
The diorama will represent an airfield during World War II, either from the Allied or the Axis. The base will have 60 x 60 cms at maximum and will portrayed a part of an airfield - runway, hangar, or any other part of it. The diorama wil have at least one 'vehicle', either an airplane or a AFV (linked to airfield activity - maintenance, AA, supply, and so).

The diorama will also have a maximum of five figures, and the accessories required with no limitations.

The Rules and Regs
One entry per person, to be constructed during the campaign time and even being allowed the use of a 'vehicle' already done, we shall try to build and paint a new one, so that we can share ideas and experiences during the campaign.

At the Armorama group at MSN will be created an album for the campaign where all the participants could upload the images taken during the campaign. Use link above.

At the end of the time frame each one will send five photos of the complete dio, to be part of the campaign album and that will prove he had complete the campaign.

Contest Element
This first campaign at the Portuguese Forum will be no contest, being only a challenge to all of us.

The participants that will concluded the campaign will be awarded a ribbon, specific of the campaign.


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