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MISSION: Double Take            


  MISSION:Double Take
  SCALE:1:24 To 1:72
  START DATE:November 27th, 2004
  ENDS:June 11th, 2005
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Double Take Award
This ribbon signifies the user completed the Double Take Campaign.

Operational Overview
This campaign is for aircraft and anything with wings and/or props and flies. The end result is to have the model in paint schemes and squadron markings for a place and a time that the craft never exhisted in or was ever used.
A few examples would be such as an A-10 painted in the scheme and markings of a Russian Mig from the Korean war era or maybe a Huey painted with a wild scheme and markings from Richtofen's Flying Circus from WWI, or even a Klingon warbird painted in WWII Luftwaffe markings or a WWII Japanese jungle scheme.

The Rules and Regs
1.) All scales are acceptable.
2.) All aircraft of any kind will work which includes real planes, helicopters, experimental aircraft, fantasy, and space ships with wings.
3.) Kit bashing and scratch building is fine. Being a what-if scenario anything goes just as long as it is some kind of aircraft when completed.
4.) The combination of the craft, paint scheme, and squadron markings should not have historically exhisted in any military army, navy or air force at any point in time.
5.) Photos of the project will be proof of the individuals successful completion of the campaign.

Contest Element
A ribbon will be awarded to all participants on the successful completion of their project if done before the official ending date of this campaign.