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OPERATION: EOD III            


  START DATE:November 15th, 2014
  ENDS:July 19th, 2015
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

This award shows that the recipient is a survivor of the end times.

Operational Overview
I put the cart before the horse by placing a campaign proposal in the SCRATCH BUILDING AND SCIENCE FICTION FORUMS so I am now putting it in the correct area:

There are 11 indiviuals who have already stated that they would be interested in joining, so I had submitted the campaign to the higher ups and now need to follow proper proceedure by placing the campaign in front of all in the General Forum:



SCENARIO: It is a POST APOCOLYPTIC WORLD with mankind in decline. Their numbers are not enough to sustain power stations, oil refineries, local and state governments or an infrastructure much bigger than a farm community (animals are almost unheard of) on which to grow barely enough food just to keep from starving. Families that are intact are almost unheard of, so small groups band together to either carry on in some civilized order or they become themselves a menace to other by killing, raping, and gathering food supplies by the extermination of those who have not declined into the abyss of becoming totally barbaric.
If this were not enough to contend with, hordes of inhuman (ZOMBIES) roam the earth searching for living humans to feed their existence. While the two groups of humanís battle each other they must fight more savagely to protect their meager colonies from the (ZOMBIES).

MISSION: If you accept to become a part of the third group who build AND organize along the lines of RANGERS. They help any human by giving aid, instruction, food, weaponry, but mostly by killing (ZOMBIES) in the thousands and to try to bring the two groups of human together in hopes of them being able to have a better chance of survival.

Since fossil fuel is almost non existence and electrical power stations are all but useless, alternative types of power supply, transportation, and weaponry must be thought of experimented with tried and built to help with protection, harvesting, gathering, and maintaining an existence that is not just bearable but will give hope to all mankind.

I say build anything that will help the colonies and rangers to exist. And bring those unfinished projects from the past EOD's along to help us out.


The Rules and Regs
1. anything goes such as: what ever the mind can think up to do battle with the Zombie hordes. Flying, On Road , Immersed, or Outer Space Vehicles .
2. dioramas welcome.
3. scale does not matter.
4. unfinished builds from the past EOD Campaigns are encouraged.
5. the main goal is to have fun.

Contest Element
One ribbon will be awarded for the campaign, but more one build is encouraged.


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