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In-Box Review
Cimmerian Warrior - 7th Cent. BC

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Introduction - Historical Notes

I am definitely on of the many fans that pleasantly follow the Cimmerian tales, and their epic stories of invasions and conquer.

The genre appeared in the 8th B.C Century as nomads, from the Iranian Highlands, and they continue to spread and conquer till Asia Minor. At the end of 7th century B.C. they were absorbed into the Scythians and we loose their trace.

Their tales and fables continue to amaze even today, and the fans are enthusiastic on anything related to them.

This figure of Pegaso Models definitely pays homage to the above. As the Greek Poet Callino of Ephesus, sang about their invasion in Asia Minor: “ There, the Cimmerians are advancing as hordes”

The kit

Classic hard carton blue box of Pegaso holds safely all 8 pieces of the figure between two thick sheets of foam material, that won’t let anything, move or get damaged.
In the box are also included 2 sheets of information written in 4 languages.

There u can find a brief historic text for the Cimmerian tribe (written from Marco Giuliani) and also a paining guide for the figure, as it appears in the box art painted from Pietro Balloni.

In this point I have to note, that I was lucky enough to see this piece (the box art figure) in flesh, in the recent Athens Show 2005. I cannot find words enough to describe my feelings on this one. The sculpture is from Andrea Jula, that I consider also one of the top sculptors.

This figure pictures the Connan character as was played on motion pictures by famous actor Arnold Scwarzenenger. And it does it good!


  • Torso with left arm. Just a hymn to muscular sculpture that catches Arnold’s massive body at the time he was acting Connan. Around his neck an amelet hanging with animal teeth decoration

  • Head. The longhaired Cimmerian is represented just perfectly

  • Feet Wide spread in action pose having the warrior prepared to attack, with a nice buckle sculpted on the leather belt, and trouser turn ups of fur

  • Sword with amazing decoration

  • Right arm and 2 hands complex holding the handle of the sword

  • Scabbard for the sword

  • Dagger with leather grip and gilded scabbard

  • Base a fine piece with rocks and ground surface sculpted but also some enemy’s remaining. Human bones and a bonehead in helmet that besides its other detail it has a chain mail cover part sculpted!

    Quality - Detail

    Well when u follow the course of a company to the top, u always expect more and u become more demanding in every next release. That has happened with me with Pegasus.
    I cannot expect to open a new figure box and find something less amazing than previous month’s releases. And once again its not letting me down. Casting is in very high quality.

    There is not a flaw or problem in any piece of the kit, and the surface of them is very clean and will just demand a soft touch with fine wire wool, to polish the metal. Cleaning is almost to forget here and u won’t need more than 20 minutes in preparation.

  • Technical Advise

    One thing that I suggest and I will definitely do is to drill holes in corresponding spots both in torso and the feet part and insert a “brave” metal pin to join these two parts along with 2 parts epoxy. Avoid to use CA glue in big parts joining of metal figures, as this tends to prove risky after even a short time. Use it only in small detail parts. And pin as much as u can. This will surely keep u safe in handling moving and traveling your figures. Ask me!

    Sculpted Detail is more than crisp and clear and spare some minutes to look closely at the guys head, that’s showing hair by hair sculpture challenging u to show it off with painting.
    The same goes for the fur parts wherever they appear on the figure.
    Wrist Bracelets, sword decoration, and of course base detailing show the amazingly high level of Andrea Jula’s sculpting ability. But for me the most amazing of all is the perfection of the muscular structure sculpting, along with the specific pose that is ideal to show off every tiny piece of muscle on this “mountain” body.
    Face characteristics are.... well, just Arny himself.


    When I ordered this figure, I already knew that I would put it over my painting desk to look at me, until I feel strong enough to get to paint it.
    Once I saw the figure painted by Pietro Balloni (Gold Award Winner in Athens Show) I was sure I did the right thing. Yes colors are few, no complex patterns or embroidery, no flag painting, but I believe that’s one of the most difficult tasks in figure painting, is to recreate realistically such a big flesh area, like the one on this figure. Further more, as I have said before, when u paint an existing person, figure recreation, it’s an advanced challenge to make it like him, since there is comparison!

    Finishing I think that the hide trousers will need some effort to be painted as they have to be.
    The base of the figure, is one that I don’t think, I would do more adding of anything ,like vegetation or the likes. Just will demand a detailed brushwork to show off all the incorporated elements.

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    Maybe you don’t like Cimmerians, maybe u even don’t like Arnold or Connan. But if u are a figure painter, you must love figures. Then, this is a figure to love. This is a figure you must have in collection. I am sure no one will finish it that easy, but when u do, I bet it will be on top shelf of your showcase. Get this one and you will remember me.

    Definately a Must Have

    Special Thanks to Luca Marcheti from Pegaso, for the review Sample
    I guess there is no one that doesn't know Connan the Barbarian (aka Arnold)! Pegaso brings us this Cimmerian Warrior in 75mm, and offers an amazing figure.
      SUBJECT - POSE:50%
      QUALITY - DETAIL:50%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 75mm
      Mfg. ID: 75-019
      Suggested Retail: euros 37.5
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      PUBLISHED: Jul 28, 2005
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.80%

    Our Thanks to Pegaso Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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