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In-Box Review
Samurai Commander (AD 14C)

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


Seil Models from Korea is a relatively new company in the figure business, but I can really wish that all new companies behave like them.

The have a very range of historical figures so far, and as I can see from their future tense, it will grow rapidly and with amazing themes. Cooperating with high skilled sculptors like Tomas Castano, and Yury Serebryakov, they can offer qualityís guarantee in sculpting.

But Seilís contribution is not only this. They cast in a superb quality and they do care for customer, making a luxurius packing and having a very nice website on the internet.

These features will sure build a trust relation between the company and the modelers.

Here we have for review an amazing 90mm figure of a Samurai Commander
(AD14C) coded SH90002, and is one of the two 90mm Samuraiís that the company produces.

The kit

Seil Models boxing is one of the most impressive ones, I have ever seen in figures. A soft carton, glossy textured slipper, outside, with 3 different pictures of the finished figure, is wrapping the main case of the figure parts.

A nice black box of hard carton with golden Seilís logo, with 2 of the thickest foam sheets for protection holds the 36 ! pieces of the figure.

The whole box is so sturdy and nice sized, also good looking that you u will definitely save it you build the figure for storing parts and other figures.

The figure is sculpted by Lee Jae Hwa.

In the pack there is no printed info material, for the figure, but you can find six (6) different pictures of the figure and historical notes on Seil Models nice website. Its worth browsing it for looking the figures but also for observing the functionality and the solutions that were used there and make it so friendly.


36 pieces (32 white metal and 4 Photoetched) and some fine red cord make this beautiful figure

  • Head

  • Torso

  • 2 feet together

  • Right hand

  • Left hand

  • Helmet

  • Neck area protector

  • Seven (7) Body armor parts

  • A very heavy metal piece for the base, representing ground with soil and some stones.

  • Scabbard

  • Sword grip

  • Small sword

  • Two (2) pieces for spear like weapon

  • Four (4) Photo etched parts for head cover decoration

  • 12 more small parts like rope knots, or other decorative pieces.

  • Also some fine red rope

    Quality Ė Detail

    This is the third figure of Seil Models that I see in flesh and review.

    I have to admit that is by far the best. Is not only, that it is a very impressive figure with all these 36 pieces. Its not, that it is so heavy and the metalís quality is one of the best I have ever touched (if not the best). Its not that the finished figure causes awe, its that in total u get a figure, that is definitely worth every eurocent you spent , and probably much more. And if you are a real figure lover, then Öjust get it .
    The white metal quality is as I told very high, and looks almost polished and ready for priming ! The casting is in very high level, and I hardly find some evident of mold
    line to clean carefully not to spoil the smooth surface that came from Korea.

    I examined pretty carefully all the parts and in every detail. You wont need any scrapping and filling anywhere on this fine piece of metal. Itís clean and smooth. Just a pass with some steel wool and some bath in mild detergent and is ready to prime.

    Sculpted Detail is really crisp and clear. All parts are nicely detailed and show that extra attention have been paid to folds and creases and all other points of interest. The separate parts of body armor are simply pieces of art, the facial characteristics , are realistically representing a Japanese warrior, the fit (even if just dried tested) is amazing . Well what more could u ask of it ? Ok there is more. Parts that are in pairs and u could misuse, have been sculpted on the inside with R and L for Right and Left .Same goes to the Photo etched parts, so there is no excuse in using them wrong. Things that are so simple but u donít see them everyday. But in a figure of this high standards, you expect to have them, and it does !

    I could say that the whole level of quality could be easily be compared to the best
    that we have seen from Poste Militaire and this will not be unfair to say.


    Ok, this is definitely, not a figure for beginners. The size itself of 90 mm and the theme of the Samurai , will address it, to medium level painters at least, to my humble opinion.

    You will need to make a different flesh recipe for Japanese skin. You will have to deal with many pieces and a pretty heavy figure, and you have to make decisions on what parts should be painted first un assembled and then the order of attaching them to the figure.
    Free hand painting for the fine emblems and much patience for the armor pieces, and handling of white colored clothing , is some of the aspects that could be proven difficult. But to my opinion this is a figure that deserves all effort and time to make it a show piece. And if you really wanna do it you will have a winner for sure

    Some books like the ones from Osprey could definitely, help uif u decide to make another painting scheme than the one provided on the boxart figure.

    Conclusion Ė Final Verdict

    I will say from the start that this is a figure that you will love. Especially if youre a Samurai lover, by now you must be ordering it ! Very good quality of material, detailed sculpting, top level casting and attention to every part.

    It will definitely give you many many hours of pleasure while painting it and more when looking the finished piece and get recognition to some contests.

    Thatís Seil Models Ladies and Gentlemen, and following them the last months , I bet they will only go better than this.

    Highly Recommended
    An amazing figure from SEIL Models from Korea. A Samurai 90 mm figure, with high sculpting and casting quality wont leave anyone without checking it !
      DETAIL - QUALITY:50%
      THEME - POSING:90%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 90mm
      Mfg. ID: SH90002
      Suggested Retail: 73.00 EUR
      Related Link: 
      PUBLISHED: Aug 22, 2005
      NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 90.67%

    Our Thanks to Seil Models!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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