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In-Box Review
U.S.Army Inf. - Gunfighter
U.S.Army Infantry(6) - Gunfighter - Rumble in Jungle
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Besides constantly adding static posed Vietnam War figures to his product line to create behind the frontlines scenes, BRAVO-6 never neglect to add dynamic figures for Underfire dioramas or vignettes.
Recent one is B6-35055 U.S. Army Infantry (6) Gunfighter, a firing posed infantry from Rumble in Jungle series. Good point for this figure; head is supplied as a seperate part and with a head replacement , figure can be changed to a green beret, SEAL with a headscarf or grunt with a boonie hat.

Figure is sculpted by Vladimir Demchenko and cast in 11 medium grey resin parts. Parts can be easily removed from casting blocks but extra care is always better on some fragile parts ,especially on the muzzles of rifles and backpack frames not to damage them.

  • Body : Neck part is hollowed to make the head assembly easier and small pins on shoulders help to the correct pose of the arms. He wears tropical jungle jacket with two chest and two lower bellows pockets - all with flap covers, jungle trousers with two rear and two bellows cargo pockets on both sides and canvas-leather combined Vibram jungle boots. Wrinkles and folds are well defined. Trousers is tightened with straps under the knees and trotters are inserted into the boots. He carries M1956 LCE ( Load Carrying Equipment) which consists of Pistol belt and H-harness with M-16 ammo pouches on both sides.

  • Head : Facial details and hair are nicely sculpted. Shooting expression on his face is defined very well; head slightly leaned right on the rifle, left eye closed, lips creeped to left side and right cheek is carved for the fit of rifle stock. I really appreciate Vladimir for his care to such small details.

  • Arms are posed to fire. Both are sculpted with upfolded sleeves and show nice cloth folds. Right arm has a groove near the shoulder for the correct and easy fit of M16 stock bottom / rubber recoil pad. To make a few dry-fit exercises to pose the arms correctly in firing pose will be good before assemblying the arms.

  • M16A1 rifle : Right hand is cast on the pistol grip with finger on trigger and left hand is cast on the handguard, suitable for a firing pose. All details of the rifle are well defined but there was a deformation on the carrying handle of the sample.

  • M1942 Machette in M1967 Self Sharpening Steath : Machette is a large cleaver-like cutting tool used to clear the heavy vegetation of the jungle as well as used as a weapon. Steath is semi-hard plastic with a swivel webbing attachment and self-sharpening device. It will be assembled between rucksack and bedroll.

  • M7 bayonet in M8A1 scabbard : It will be assembled to the right side of the figure.

  • 1 Qt canteen in canvas cover - 2 pieces.

  • Helmet with Mitchell pattern camo canvas cover and helmet strap.

  • Lightweight Tropical Rucksack with metal frame : It is given as a seperate part to display next to the figure. A bedroll is cast with crisp details under the rucksack attached to the frame.

  • A water slide decal sheet with different nametags, sergeant ranks, shoulder insignia for different units like 1st Cavalry, 1st, 9th, 23rd, 25th Infantry Divisions and Military Police, is given inside the kit. It also includes decals for MP helmets.

    Another impressive kit sculpted in great details and cast in high quality. It can be used together with all Rumble in Jungle series figures and IMO very suitable to accompany 35054 Broken Arrow. As mentioned above, it can be a part of all Vietnam War units with a different head.

    Highly recommended

    Highs: Nice action pose, great sculpt, flawless cast. Decal sheet for different units. Seperate head which gives a chance for head replacement.Compatibility to other Rumble in Jungle series kits.
    Lows: Just a little deformation on M16A1 carrying handle.
    Verdict: Another unique figure for different Vietnam War scenes,even a street or a jungle scene.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: B6-35055
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      PUBLISHED: Oct 02, 2014
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.07%

    Our Thanks to BRAVO-6!
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