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In-Box Review
Joaquim Murat in Russland - 1812

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma


Every time that I have to do a Pegaso Models figure review, I definitely begin with a smile. And that’s why Pegaso is one of the world leading brands in metal figures. When it comes to 90mm mounted figure, then surely the smile goes bigger!
Under scope here we have the Pegaso 90-909 Joaquim Murat in Rusia (1812)

Its well known to figure lovers that Pegaso offers an amazing range of figures. Quality and variety goes together, with high level of casting and all this for figures sculpted by the best sculptors of the World, like Victor Konnov, that’s signs this particular mounted figure of Murat .The boxart painting is done by Danilo Cartacci, also brilliant artist

Historical Notes

He was one of Napoleon’s more capable officers, a brigadier in 1796. Went to Egypt with Napoleon, and married his sister Carolina. He was courageous, and temperamental, and was with no doubt one of the most brilliant cavalry commanders of all times. He also loved elaborate and lavish uniforms. In 1808 after becoming King of Naples, he was sent to Spain. Then he followed the Emperor in Russia in 1812, and was there in the attack to Austria. He finished in Italy 1815,October 13th.
Last words to the firing squad : “Save my face and aim my heart”

The kit

Pegaso’s 90mm figures have been always appealing to me with their big glossy boxes and the nice painted figures on the front of them. And when I started opening them , well I liked them even more, much more ! More or less 45 pieces make this mounted set of a nice horse and Joaquim Murat. One of the most famous Cavalry Commanders and King of Naples.

A 20 x 5 x 30 cm hard carton dark blue box with glossy surface, with 2 thick foam sheets for protection holds the 45 pieces of white metal.

The whole box is sturdy and nice sized, and its much heavy since there is a lot of metal in it.

In the pack there are 2 sheets of historical information and painting instructions, in four (4) languages (Italian, English, French, and German).

Quality – Detail

The kit definitely follows Pegaso leading quality in miniatures. Quality is high in casting, there are no problems and flaws of any kind. Few mold lines that u will need to clean , will do easily with out special effort.

Murat’s horse is nicely sculpted, with details such as veins and wrinkles and everything u can expect in the big scale and from a Company like Pegaso. U have to see close the saddle's cover sculpting to understand how good this is !

Murat’s figure is just superb and it goes as detailed as to the point to have his moustache being given in a separate metal piece. His cloak , folded is a solid piece of art, and u have a nice sculpted face also to prove ur painting skills.

Details as the hats feathers and many more small to tiny parts , are pretty well recreated, and u will have a lot of brushwork to cover all parts with the proper final look.My dry fit test showed that u will need some putty work in the horses joining of the two big body parts to eliminate the thin joining line, but that’s a thing you can never avoid in any horses’ figures.

The base is a really big and heavy piece of metal, that accordingly will be mostly covered with Russian snow.

Technical Advice

This is a pretty heavy figures set. So I would suggest that despite the pins , that already Pegaso has offered in the 2 horse’s hooves, u need to use extra pins, inside them, and drill deep holes (3 – 4 cm ) in the base u will use, to make the mounting more safe. Also when building the figure of Murat , and in general when you use heavy pieces, use as much pins as u can to secure them when u glue between. Also use only 2 part epoxy glue and not CA cause it will not probably keep the weight of the parts easily


Ok, this is definitely, not a figure for beginners. The size itself of 90 mm and the theme of a mounted figure (actually 2 figures with the horse !) with not a simple plain uniform, will address it, to experienced painters at least, to my humble opinion.

The horse alone is a challenge to paint and make it look realistic. Every horse type, with different coloration and race needs different painting approach and I suggest that u take a look at references before and ask more experienced painters if u re not familiar with horse painting. You will have to deal with many pieces and a pretty heavy figure, and you have to make decisions on what parts should be painted first un assembled and then the order of attaching them to the figure.

Also surface that big will easily show all faults that you may do during painting. So you must be pretty patient while painting this beauty , and give it all the time it deserves , and i mean all of it !

But to my opinion this is a figure that deserves all effort and time to make it an impressive show piece. And if you really want to do so you will definitely have an eyecathcer winner for sure.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

I will say from the start that this is a figure that you will love. Especially if you are a fan with the era and the theme. Very good quality of material, detailed sculpting from a high skilled sculptor, top level casting and attention to every part.

Some may say that , there is some money to paint to get this one. I agree, but
it will definitely give you many many hours (months I should say ?) of pleasure while painting it, and even more pride when looking the finished piece and get recognition and prizes to some contests.

Pegaso has proven through the years, of its leadership, that every piece that carries the brand's name is a gem. This one is a very big and heavy diamond. Believe me

Highly Recommended

Special and Many Thanks to Luca Marcheti of Pegaso Models for the Review Sample.
Stay tuned for more Pegaso Models, figures to be reviewed soon
An amazing mounted figure in 90 mm of the famous Napoleon's Cavalry Commander, and later King of Naples, . Joaquim Murat in Russia. A treasure of details and inspired sculpting, that will make a winner !
  THEME / POSE:50%
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 90mm
  Mfg. ID: 90-909
  Suggested Retail: Euros 210.
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 07, 2005

Our Thanks to Pegaso Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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