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In-Box Review
Bridge Too Far

by: Danny Wennekes [ EAGLE ]

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Historicus Forma

The kit represents a wounded British Airborne soldier who is carried to a safe place by his brother in arms. This scene, under the title ďBridge Too FarĒ, points to the heroic efforts of the allied Airborne Forces to capture the bridges in Holland in September 1944. The British Airborne Forces, who where given the order to capture and hold the bridge in Arnhem, suffered a huge amount of casualties during that battle. It doesnít take too much imagination to picture the two figures in the streets of Arnhem in September 1944. The battle, that could have ended the war in Europe before Christmas 1944, ended in a disasterÖÖthe British Airborne Forces went ďa Bridge too FarĒÖÖ


The Kit
The kit comes in a carton box with a camouflage print that is so familiar to VP. Opening the box reveals the contents : 1 little plastic bag with 14 pieces of resin in it. I must admit that itís a big box compared to the contents, but since itís the kit we want, and not the box, letís focus on the contents itself. The resin, that is used to make the 14 pieces, is from an excellent quality. I used a magnifying glass to find some air bubbles, but I failed. I couldnít find one single bubble in the entire kit. Looking at the details, I must admit itís all there. The sculptor really did his homework on these two figures. There are only three remarks that come to mind :The head of the figure that carries the wounded soldier looks to be a bit small in comparison to the rest of his body. I didnít take the ruler to verify it, so it can as well be an optical cheat. Looking at the entire composition Iíd still say the headís a bit too small.The buttons on the front of the Denison Smocks are too big, but it takes just a tiny bit of sanding to bring it back to a more accurate size.The size of the figures is, like most other Verlinden figure kits, a bit on the big side. The figure that is carrying the wounded is 53 mm tall. Recalculating that to real life scale gives this guy a length of 185 cm. With this 53 mm I donít think heís too big to be used in 1/35th scale, but you can run into some scale problems when the kit is used near a vehicle or other, non Verlinden, figure.The other thing that has got to be said, is that the kit is completely free from flash. Next to that I must say that the separate parts fit together like if they where made for each other. Itís a compliment that canít be said about some other kits Iíve experienced.


The conclusion must be that this is a very nice kit to have and to build. Resin kits in general are not cheap. This kit makes no exception to that, but itís a very nice kit to build. Thereís very little sanding to do and hardly any gap to be filled. Maybe the kit is a bit too well known to be used as an eyecatcher in a diorama, but it still makes an outstanding vignette. With a bit of patience and some painting skills, you can really make this something special.
A very nice kit to have and to build that makes an outstanding vignette.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1604
  Suggested Retail: 16.95
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 25, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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