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In-Box Review
US GMC Drivers

by: Ronny Noben [ ROADKILL ]

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I needed some good driver figures for a willy's jeep a while ago, since I never like the figures included in the kits. After searching and asking on the net I got myself my first resin figures from Nemrod (Historex), and I must say, that I am hooked on the quality.


The figures are casted in nine creamy white resin pieces, 2 body’s, 2 heads, 3 arms, 2 feet and a hand with a M1 Garand rifle. The casting is very crisp and the details are very sharp, considering that the body\'s have a lot of folds because of their poses. I did not find very much flash on the pieces except on the hand with the rifle, that needs a bit of cleaning. On the figures I found only one mold seam line to clean up (backside of the co-drivers head) and no more then one air bubble, in the collar of the driver, easy to fix with a bit of putty.


Fit of the Kit
The overall fit of this kit is very nice. The heads pop right in their sockets so you have the option to paint the head separate from the body without having to worry about the fit later on. The right hand holding the M1 Garand is a bit tricky, but with patience can be done.the parts fits very nicely without any seam lines to fill. The assembly is straight forward and without any serious trouble.


Nemrod (Historex) was my first introduction into resin figures and it was not a bad one. The sculpting is top notch and casting and fit is good.The only drawback is the fact that there is hardly any conversion possible, what you see is what you get, the legs on the figures are already attached to the main body’s as is the right arm from the co-driver (holding the rifle). This also means that you can not(!) use these figures in a willy\'s jeep, they won\'t fit, but they do fit in any other truck I tried But still they are great pieces to add to your collection.Highly Recommended.

Top notch sculpting, casting and fit make these great figures.The only drawback is the fact that there is hardly any conversion possible, what you see is what you get.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: N35033
  Suggested Retail: Euro 19.15
  Related Link: Historex - Nemrod website
  PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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