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In-Box Review
Renaissance Knight

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


When I first saw this figure released from Pegaso , my first word was “WOW” and the next one was “That’s the most beautiful figure I have ever seen in my life“

As time passed, this figure got ”best of the year” awards , the boxart painter Pietro Balloni, got in Saint Vincent Expo Gold Medal in Masters division and also “Best of Painters” medal and also in every International Epxpo this figure participated , got a lot of recognision . So i guess this figure was a success.

We are talking for Pegaso’s Renaissance Knight in " Roman Armour" , XV century in 75mm sculpted from Andrea Jula. And here I need to pay some honor to Andrea.

Some time before , when I did here for Armorama the first worldwide review of Pegaso Knight Templar in 90mm, I said my opinion for Andrea. I evaluate him so high, cause he can sculpt amazingly any theme , from 54 mm to 200mm (or maybe more). So this figure is one more proof for this theory. I still believe that this figure Is the most beautiful one i have ever seen. I know it’s a personal opinion, but I know many people that will agree with this !

Historical Notes – Information - Sources for Replicas and pictures







The kit

Pegaso’s 75mm range proved to be very effective both for modelers and Pegaso.
It’s a well selling range, and also is the intermediate ring of the scale chain between 54mm (that sometimes you feel is small ) and 90 mm that could prove some expensive to many modelers.

Well known company’s dark blue hard carton boxing is here as usual . Inside this , with 2 thick dark grey sheets of protective foam hold all 14 pieces of white metal for the figure and the base. Three different pictures on the front side of the box give us the idea of what the figure should look like.

There are also 2 paper sheet included with 4 language informational text and painting guide . You can get some more and bigger pictures of the splendid boxart on the web site of the company.


  • Torso

  • Feet

  • Left arm

  • Right arm

  • Left hand

  • Right arm holding sword (storta)

  • Small leather bag

  • head

  • Helmet

  • plume

  • Scabbard

  • Cape

  • pieces for base (stairs)

    Quality and Detail

    The pose of the Knight is definitely a “Show off” one. With all this rich armor and multicolored dressing , it couldn’t be anything other. He is having one hand on the waist and the right is holding his amazing sword pointing down The metal quality is typical Pegaso , meaning close to perfect. No flaws, pretty clean and smooth surface and almost no cleaning to do at all

    Sculpting level is Superb. Andrea Jula has done it once more. Every small or bigger part of this figure kit shows clearly all the work that has been done for it .Details like sculpted decorative heads on feet armor or shoulder protectors, helmets , scabbard ,pteruges, fringes…everything look so good .

    There Is no way you see this figure even unpainted and you will not be attracted .The level and depth of sculpture will help the painter to his difficult mission.

    Dry fit showed that he pieces match perfectly and you will not have any kind of assembly problems.


    Take care to insert metal pins as this figure is a “full metal” one. Torso, feet , hands, head , must be pinned safely so you will sleep in peace ! Use 2parts epoxy glue and not CA.


    This is a difficult figure to paint .

    And i make it straight clear from the start .But not to make step back ! It’s a challenge to every painter to have a figure like this in his showcase .

    The figure will demand not only your time, but also your patience ,and some maturity. You have to study this figure and decide your moves. One thing that will also demand much work is the cape of it .

    Even if you don’t perform to copy all this delicate load of designs that Pietro Balloni excellently rendered, to give the Knight a classy look you will have to do some fine embroidery painting .

    Pegaso offers in the printed painting guide some alternatives for colors , but I will definitely follow Boxarts example ..well I don’t know for the cape so far …

    The base is what is needed and I wouldn’t change or add a single thing

    Conclusion – Final Verdict

    Definitely one of the best figures ever released , in the appropriate scale and amazingly detailed and sculpted. Boxart painting is also a state of the art . What more to say ?

    Highly Recommended

    One of the most beautiful figures you have ever seen. High Artistic sculpting by Andrea Jula, Amazing boxart by Pietro Balloni and High quality casting from Pegaso ! a Must Have
      QUALITY - DETAIL:100%
      POSE - THEME:100%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 75mm
      Mfg. ID: 75-022
      Suggested Retail: 37.50
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      PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2006
      NATIONALITY: Italy
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.76%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.80%

    Our Thanks to Pegaso Models!
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