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In-Box Review
Germanic Warrior

by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma

Another Pegaso…Another strong posing figure. This time it is in 75 mm scale. 75-024 German Warrior represents a noble Suebian Warrior who lived in Western Germany in ancient times.

The figure comes in 125 x 85 x 30 mm.standard Pegaso Models Elite Series blue cardboard box. The boxart on the front cover shows the figure painted by master painter Pietro Balloni and is a good reference showing the painting details of figure especially the shield design.

Inside the box, there are 2 paper sheets including a short historical note about Suebian tribes who occupied a vast part of Western Germany and painting tips for the clothing and accessories of figure. This document is prepared by Marco Giuliani and presented in 4 languages; English, Italian, French and German.

Parts are well protected between two slabs of thick gray polyfoam and small parts are secured in a punched plastic bag.


The figure is sculpted by master sculptor Andrea Jula and made up of 10 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp with good details. No serious cleaning, sanding or filling is required. To make details more visible and paint adhere much better on figures ; it will be good to brush your figure gently with a wire brush and then wash it with an old toothbrush and mild detergent or soap to make it shine before priming.

  • The first part is torso with head. The face shows a strong facial expression: Details like moustache,beard and hair are very well defined. Suebians had a characteristic hair style; they had plaited or knotted tails on the sides of their heads. This was used to augment their potent and formidable stature appearing more terrible to their enemies. Small hole on the right side of the head is to fit the knotted tail part (supplied as a seperate part in the kit) easier. He wears a cloak made from fur of a bear or wolf. On the right shoulder of the figure, there is a circular metal cloak clasp. Under the fur cloak , he has a necklace made of small chain and decorated with ornamental disks. Another wild animal fur is wrapped around the waist and secured with a belt. Belt is decorated with small circular metal plates and studs. Left arm is posed to put his hand on waist and hidden under the fur cloak. All details are very crisp and well defined. On the backside , there is a big cavity to make the figure lighter and a small mound to make a good fit to the shield.

  • Left leg and right leg are represented as 2 seperate parts. Right leg is posed slightly twisted back. The fits between 2 leg parts and their fit to torso are very good. The mounds and holes on parts make the fit easier and perfect. He wears trousers or breeches tied with leather straps from knees to ankles. The trousers usually have horizontal lining. The cloth folds on trousers, leather straps and fur details are well defined. Two holes on the left leg is for the correct fit of the dagger.

  • Right arm : It fits very good to the space on the right shoulder. Fur cloak and bronze embossed bracelet are well defined and the designs on the bracelet is superb detailed. There is a small hole on the wrist for the easier fit of right hand.

  • Right hand with battle axe : Right hand is sculpted as grabbing the handle of battle axe. The pin makes a good fit to the wrist of right arm and helps modeler for the correct posing of the battle axe.

  • Scramasax : Dagger with large blade and bone handle is represented in leather scabbard. It fits good to the holes on left leg.

  • Knotted up hair : Smallest part in kit and makes a good fit to the hole on the right side of head. The knotting of the hair in this style was only worn by the free or liberated members of the tribe and differs them from other Germanics.

  • Fur cloak : The fur texture inside and the cloth folds on the hide are well defined. The mound on the hide part helps correct posing of the shield. You may need some attention and a few tries for the good fit of this part to the backside of the figure. Note that assemblying the right arm before fur cloak will make the process very easy.

  • Shield : Big oval shield shows a good wooden texture inside. The outer side made from hide and having a metal boss with 4 studs can be decorated with animal designs drawn in primitive style as in ancient Germanic shields. Eagle, bear, bull, boar,lynx or wolf symbols can be used in Suebian shields.

  • Figure base : It is also sculpted in very good details as the figure itself. Ground texture, small rocks and old tree stump is very well defined. Two holes on the base make easy and good fit for the legs of figure.

    about suebians

    2000 years ago, the Baltic Sea was known as Mare Suebicum by the Romans. During the interactions with Rome, the historian Tacticus refered to all Elbe-Germanics as Suebi. The Suebi eventually migrated to south and west to reside in the Rhineland area of modern Germany. Their name survives in the historical region known as Swabia. The Suebi leaded by Ariovistus were invited to Gallia by the Aedui but soon came to dominate them and finally defeated by Julius Caesar in 58 B.C.


    Strong posing figure in classical Pegaso Trio (high quality casting, ease on clean and perfect fit) with superb details . This one is another Andrea Jula masterpiece to enjoy painting and having it in your display case.

    Highly recommended
    Pegaso Models brings another masterpiece on market. Germanic warrior in 75 mm scale is sculpted by very nice details.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 75mm
      Mfg. ID: 75-024
      Suggested Retail: 37.50 EUR
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      PUBLISHED: Feb 01, 2006
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.80%

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