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In-Box Review
U.S. Tanker on 1990s for M60 and M1 Abrams
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Paracel Miniatures lately released 1990’s Gulf War figures depicting U.S. Tankers and Marine Corps soldiers as Desert Eagle series. First figure was a tank commander standing on the tank hull DE-3501 Mr.Charlie that can be used for M60, M1 Abrams or all other tracked and wheeled combat vehicles.

Second figure is another tank crew figure sitting on the hatch Mr.Rock&Roll.

Kit comes in company’s standard cardboard box labeled with a photo of assembed figure painted by Ryan Thuan.

Figure is sculpted by Giang Xuan Le in 1/35 scale and cast in grey resin as a full body figure with seperate right arm, head and pistol. Parts are served inside a zip-lock bag and resin quality is good. No air bubbles or mistakes on the review sample, just a few slightly visible mold lines to clean with a quick sanding.

  • Body ; He wears standard uniform worn by U.S. Tankers and Combat Vehicle Crew - flame retardant, OD green color, one-piece CVC Coverall. It has reinforced elbows, knees and seat, elastic sleeves and trotters with side zippers, waist band, escape openings on the neck and lower back. 2 chest pockets, 2 side pockets, 4 leg pockets and a sleeve/pencil pocket on the left arm, all zippered. Cloth folds, wrinkles,side seams and other coverall details are well defined. Over this one, he wears a body armor known as Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops - PASGT Vest used for protection of upper torso against low velocity projectiles and grenade fragments. Vest details like front closure, high collar, shoulder pads, velcro bands, front pockets and grenade hangers on both sides are well sculpted. Vest can be painted in different camo patterns ; Woodland, three-color desert or six-color desert Chocolate Chip as on the boxart. He has fire proof, gauntlet sytle Nomex CVC gloves and tanker boots as for the footgear.

  • Right arm ; He makes a Rock On hand gesture raising the forefinger and little finger on his hand. It is also known as Sign of Horn which was popularized by Ronnie James Dio as he joined metal band Black Sabbath in 1979. He claimed his Italian grandmother used it to ward off the evil eye which is known as il malocchio in Southern Italy. The sign would later be appropriated by heavy metal fans under the name - maloik, a corruption of the original malocchio.

  • Head ; 3 alternative heads are supplied for the tanker. All of them wear DH-132A CVC Helmet. It has a heavy and thick ballistic cover which supplied fragmentation protection, inner liner and ear cups. Helmets show nice details like snap fastener, adjustment knob for microphone boom on the right cup and communication switch on the left cup.
    - Head with face scarf
    - Head with moustache and Ray-ban style sun glasses
    - Head with scarf covering face and carrying sun/wind/dust goggles on helmet

    DE-3505 Mr.Rock&Roll is a nice figure which may bring realism to scenes with his interesting hand gesture. It can be used in all United States tanks and armored vehicles for all conflicts in 1990s and will make a better scene when used together with other members of crew ; Mr.Charlie and Mr.Gunny.
    Highs: 3 alternative heads, correct and well defined uniform details.
    Lows: No lows on this one.
    Verdict: Recommended for all U.S. Modern tanks and armored vehicles.
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: DE-3503
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      PUBLISHED: Jan 01, 2019
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 91.50%

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    I like this one simply because I can really see someone in this pose. Sort of like having a Marine Corp tanker in Vietnam with a Coke in hand. The quality of the figurine is also good.
    JAN 02, 2019 - 08:25 AM

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