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In-Box Review
Etch-set for Willys jeep

by: Ronny Noben [ ROADKILL ]

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Hi, my name is Ronny and I have a photo etch phobia. Yep, that is thru, I have several etch sets from Eduard and Aber for my models, but .... I am terrified of using them, all those small and fiddly things give me the creeps, but I want to use them because they enhance a model greatly.Several months ago I builded the new Tamiya Willys Jeep which is a gem on its own, but I wanted to enhance it a bit and started to scratch build some items for it, that my friends I will not do again.


The set
Eduard has several sets out for the Willys jeep and each will give a detail junkie a real adrenaline boost, but for newbies these are very fiddly. Until I found this little set. It is a older set, and it seems to be out of production, but I have found that at most modeling events and online shops these are still available.What do you get in the set? not much ,at first glance, it consist of one fret with 34 parts and one clear part with the instrument panel. The detail on the fret is very good, really enhancing the model.


What can be detailed?
This set is not for super detailing the kit, but more to enhance it.You can enhance the windshield, chance the screen wipers, detail the mirror, improving the rifle holder on the inside.You can also change the instrument panel, giving it more dept and detail, the pedals are included and you can improve the front bumper, rear lights and jerry can holder.It is also possible to improve the MG a bit.


This set is NOT for the advanced PE users or for the super detailers, for them this set will not give them the satisfaction they seek.For modelers who have no or limited experience on PE this set could give a lot of pleasure.The set contains very small parts so there is a challenge here, but it is fairly cheap so you can experiment on it before tackling the more expensive etch sets.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35002
  Suggested Retail: 7 Euro
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 21, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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