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In-Box Review
Germanic Warrior - 1 A.C.
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma

about the figure

The Germanic homelands comprised modern Denmark, southern and central Norway, the northern German coastal strip from the mouth of the Elbe, to the Baltic shore and the islands of Gotland and Bornholm. The warriors begun their wanderings mostly because of overpopulation in their homelands. The Germanic groupings, of Barbarians, who gathered in the dank and gloomy forests of Northern Europe, and overran the Western empire, were descendants of peasants who had taken up arms.

As described by many writers of their times, they would not miss a chance of a war, and they often fought against tribes or countries, some of which later became their allies.

They had many customs of Celtic influence, regarding their dress and weaponry code. They wore long trousers made of wool, fur, or skins, and they were held by rawhide thronging and sometimes cross thronging held them against the lower legs or ankles.

Belts of varying width could be used at the waist, and also for carrying a shield, which was not a standard piece of their equipment..

The figure represents a Germanic Warrior on 1st century A.C. dressed Roman and Celtic style clothing and holding a battle axe.

This paragraph is quoted from the historical text inside the figure kit.


The figure comes in 125 x 85 x 30 mm.standard Romeo Models light blue cardboard box. The front cover shows a photo of the painted figure from 2 different angles – front and back.

Inside the box, there is an A4 paper sheet including historical info about Germanic Warriors and painting instructions for this figure. This document is represented in 2 languages; Italian and English. The historical search of this figure is again made by Historicus Forma Associate Editor Costas Rodopoulos and text is translated by Riccardo Carrabino.

Parts are well protected between two slabs of thick white polyfoam and figure base is placed under the polyfoam not to damage the figure parts.

The figure is sculpted by Italian master sculptor Gianni La Rocca and made up of 8 white metal parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp in very good details. No need for a serious clean up, filling or sanding, there is only a small excess metal to clean inside the shield..

The main part is body with legs. He wears a cuirass over his chainmail with short sleeves. Over the cuirass, he carries a Celtic influenced breast plate on his chest which is attached on his back with leather straps. Details on the brass plate are well defined. On his right shoulder, there is a part of Lorica Segmentata, the segmental armor used by Roman soldiers. Leather straps are wounded under knee, closely about the calf to ankle to confine the loose folds of the trousers. He wears leather shoes. Details of belt, cloth folds and leather straps are well defined. There are 2 holes on thigh on both sides to assembly the swrod and dagger easier.

Other parts are ;

  • Head : Facial details, moustache and beard are well defined. Knotted tail of the hair is supplied as a seperate part and can be attached easily to the hole on the top of head. Head part makes a very good fit to the body.

  • Right arm : Casted with 2 hands together and posed to hold the battle axe. Segments of Lorica Segmentata on the shoulder are well defined. A wide bracelet cover the forearm

  • Left arm : Posed to grab the right hand. Chain mail on the shoulder and metal ring on the upper arm are well represented. He carries a wide metal bracelet with circular enforcements on his wrist.

  • Battle axe : Primary weapon of the figure is a double edged battle axe with a long wooden handle. Straps attaching the axe to handle are well defined.

  • Sword : >He carries a long sword in leather scabbard. The sword has a round pommel on hilt and the crossguards show circular decorations.

  • Dagger : A single edged dagger is attached to his belt with straps on his right thigh.

  • Figure base : Ground texture is well defined and different sizes of small rocks add realism to the base.


    Another strong posing figure in nice details from Romeo Models ; clean casting, easy assembly and perfect fit with pins on parts.

    Highly Recommended

    Highs: As always top notch sculpting from Gianni La Rocca and high quality casting in crisp details from Romeo Models. Perfect fit of the parts with pins and holes.
    Lows: A shield in Germanic patterns next to the figure could make the scene look more interesting.
    Verdict: The figure looks very interesting with armor parts from different cultures like Roman segmental armor, Celtic breast plate and cuirass. It worths to paint as all Romeo pieces.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: 54068
      Suggested Retail: 24.50 €
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      PUBLISHED: Mar 14, 2007
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 92.18%

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    Thanks for one more nice review my friend, on aninteresting figure and a nice subject . La Rocca;s work is always appealing
    MAR 14, 2007 - 10:40 AM
    Excellent review, Engin. Very comprehensive text, complimented by clear pictures. Well done! Rudi
    MAR 15, 2007 - 01:11 PM

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