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US M8 Greyhound Crew set
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by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

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Legend Productions are a Korean-based manufacturer predominantly specializing in 1/35th scale armor - both update sets and a small number of full (resin) kits. However, in figures, they also do a considerable range of very good (and reasonably-priced) figure sets covering a number of subjects.

Legend's figure set

LF0114 - US M8 Greyhound Crew Set is a 1/35th scale, two figure set which is cast in light-cream colored resin. The set comes in kit form consisting of just four parts for each figure. The set comes inside a simple cardboard box and is protected inside a small snap-top bag.

about this review

As is customary with this kind of review, i'll look at the various details of the set (pose, uniform details etc.) along with notes on the construction. I'll finish with an asessment of the overall quality of the set and look at any drawbacks or errors...

In Detail

Uniform: The two figures are portrayed wearing the (very commonly seen) 'Tanker Jacket' which was (superficially at least) similar in appearance to the M1941 'Parson's' Jacket. The former differed in being warmer and having a more pronounced waistband. Both figures are sculpted wearing gaiters over boots - not, in my opinion a particularly likely combination for vehicle crews...

Parts: The first thing that becomes apparent, on opening the box, is that the parts are attached to some fairly substantial sprues. However, the attachment points are pretty thin and simple enough to remove. There is some flash present and one or two mould-lines which, following the natural lines of the figures cause no real problems.

Feet/Legs: After some simple cleaning-up, the definition between the heel and instep on the shoes is clear. Creasing on the trousers is subtle with the rear pockets being well-defined.

Arms/Hands: the arms are nicely done also although the hands could do with some crisper definition.

Heads/Helmets: Faces are good, with nice definition. The helmets are not, in my opinion, the best i've ever seen, they seem to be a little too 'high' and too bulbous. Once again, the heads are seperate and attached to their sprue from the top of the helmet. This requires some VERY careful removal to avoid damaging the helmet.

Poses: The figure designed to stand in the turret is pretty unremarkable being in a fairly static kind of pose (although useful enough) the other is a little more dynamic... The second figure is standing with his left leg on the edge of the turret, left arm propped on his leg and pointing into the distance with his right arm. I really like the pose on this figure, while though not exactly unusual, is very nicely animated.

Construction/Clean-up: Due to the small number of parts construction is quick and simple. Parts fit very well indeed and providing al ittle sanding and dry-fitting is carried out, gaps are minimal. Removing parts from the sprue is a little more time-consuming with a lot of care required.


This is a useful set although there are a few 'issues' with uniform details. As to utility, as many AFV crewmen replaced the tanker helmet with the steel 'pot', these figures could be used with almost any vehicle - softskin or AFV. It's a workmanlike set which although lacking some of the 'crispness' we have come to expect from some other figures on the market, it still remains 'competent' rather than brilliant. Recommended but with a few (minor) reservations.

While this new set is listed as being specifically for the M8 Greyhound Armored Car, the reality is, that it would be equally applicable for almost any U.S. vehicle.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF0114
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2007
  NATIONALITY: United States

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