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In-Box Review
Old Russian warrior,14 century
Old Russian warrior, 14 century
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by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma


Under review here, we have a kit from the new Russian miniatures firm called Authors Sculpt, appeared soon after Korean Seil Models closed down and engaging sculptors that used to work for Seil in the past.

This kit is a 54mm Old Russian Mounted Warrior of 14th century, sculpted by Russian Master Sergey Zlobov.

Packing – First Impression

The box is a book like one with nice graphic printed surface and an unpainted version of the constructed kit photograph as a box art.

As we open , there is enough space for the 17 parts of the kit that are packed in plastic bags , and protected from plastic air bubble material. Nice and clever packing style.

The Kit (what’s in the box)

The kit comes in a dark grey color for some pieces (as the horse) and a yellowish one for the smaller parts (as the weapons) and in a total of 17 pieces.

The horse is consisted of 2 big pieces for the whole body and head together and they are really nicely designed to fir perfectly.

The riders figure has the head, torso and feet all in one piece making construction much easier .

A small but nicely detailed base is also included.

The standing horse in the 2 rear legs is really pretty impressive, and this figure once painted properly will not leave any one pass by without notice !

Quality – Detail

The first thing that comes in mind is that the casting, is really nice.

I searched really good to find some holes or air bubbles or other imperfections, but could not find any.

There is minimal cleaning to do for this kit, and most of the work will go to remove the casting blocks of the pieces.

The 2 main horse pieces, have more than one of them(blocks) , and maybe this is one factor that helps casting to be really good.

The rider’s figure has also a nice armor, clearly sculpted and easy to paint as it is really intense, but in scale definitely.

The detail that was to be sculpted in all parts of the kit bigger or smaller ones , shows the attention to quality that this new company is willing to pay.

Arch case, shield and all other bits are nicely done . One thing I would only do is to replace the resin spear with a metal one to be sure that I will not have any accidents.

All these small pebbles and rocks on the small base make this evident.

As it was said before the casting is really good, and possible modifications or additions to the kit would be easy to do with this material.

This means that with minimal preparation you will be able to prime and start painting.


This is a nice first effort for Author’s Sculpt with a mounted piece, expertly sculpted . I would really like to have a painted version as a box art, and maybe in more pictures inside the boxing, as a suggestion to the buyers. But with internet I guess most of us can do their search and get some reference for the painting options.

High quality casting , good detail sculpted and a theme that is not very common make this kit a good chance for something different , but most of all the horses lifted pose is making the kit really attractive.

Highly Recommended

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Highs: Nicely sculpted, intense detail, flawless casting and a very dynamic pose
Lows: I would prefer a metal piece for lance instead of the resin that can be deformed or brake
Verdict: Highly suggested , especially for the lovers of mounted kits
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: AS001-54Z
  Suggested Retail: 85 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 07, 2008

Our Thanks to Author Sculpt!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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