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Book Review
Advanced Painting Techniques
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by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

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Xtreme Modelling are a Spanish publishing house, the majority of whose output consists of practical guides to such areas as various terrain effects & the building and finishing of military vehicle models. This is the first in a series of low-cost manuals which will cover a variety of techniques. With the way AFV finishing techniques have (and continue) to develop, sometimes the basic questions remain a nagging frustration for many newer modelers. Here's a booklet which, despite it's low price, packs a very powerful punch.
The basics
Advanced Painting Techniques is the first in Xtreme Modelling's 'Black Star' series of booklets. The book consists of 32 pages, is published in A5 Format and is written by Rubén González.
The chapter headings
Paint Chipping
Paint Fading
Splashes and Wet Effects
Oil, Grease and Fuel
Bare Metal
In Detail
Each of the ten sections is dealt with by using a page of explanation followed by a series of step-by-step photos. As a very useful illustrative strategy, the author has taken the same Stug model in 1/35th scale and painted half Panzer Grey and the other half in Dunkelgelb. At the beginning of the booklet, a highly useful chart is presented. This starts with the base color and follows the usual stages which culminate in any areas which have bare metal. The finishing of the model is effectively broken into very easy to follow steps. So, rather than deaing with one subject the author illustrates the two different approaches required for a Grey and a Dunkelgelb vehicle.

Materials Used: González uses the washes and filters produced by the Mig Productions 'sub-division' Abteilung 502 along with their pigment range. With these, the finishing guide is clearly referenced to specific products in the company's catalogue.

It has to be said that few of the techniques presented in the book are particularly innovative - virtually all of them are widely-used. However, in this lies the strength of this booklet, the intention is to present clearly and simply a variety of techniques for a variety of different areas within one cover. There are new developments which are gaining ground - particularly Color Modulation. This book remains true to its stated objective, any more would have increased the size and price considerably.
Although billed as 'Advanced Techniques', the reality is that even a novice modeler will find plenty to work with. The basic execution of the various stages are not terribly complicated and will allow a less-experienced modeler to practice and bring their models beyond the simple 'Mono-Color'.

The less-experienced AFV modeler will probably gain more from this book than those who have been using these techniques for a long while, the majority however will welcome so many techniques in the same booklet and at the same price (or less) of a magazine.

Even though the booklet only has 32 pages it carries a lot more 'punch' than some others which have twice or three times the number.
It certainly bodes well for future titles in the series!

VERY Highly Recommended

Highs: So much detail in so few pages is rarely seen. The price is also a big factor - the value for money is extraordinary.
Lows: Predominantly useful for German Armor enthusiasts - some of the techniques are applicable for all nationalities and time periods but it does concentrate on the finishing of German subjects.
Verdict: Best value i've seen in a LONG while!
Percentage Rating
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 07, 2009

Our Thanks to Xtreme Modelling!
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About Jim Rae (jimbrae)

Self-employed English teacher living in NW Spain. Been modelling off and on since the sixties. Came back into the hobby around ten years ago. First love is Soviet Armor with German subjects running a close second. Currently exploring ways of getting cloned to allow time for modelling, working and wr...

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Thanks Jim for a great, concise review on what looks like a very useful guide. Exceptional value, too! Well within the budget of even the beginning teen modeler, and that's very important. How-to questions on these finishing topics come up once a week here on the painting forum and every one gets answered and discussed until everyone has the answers they seek. Having this book next to you as a SBS guide as you try these techniques would be invaluable though.
MAR 08, 2009 - 09:02 AM
I bought it a while back and it a nice little guide ,handy next to you on the bench. Well worth the price, gives you plenty to think about Geraint
MAR 08, 2009 - 07:25 PM
picked it up and its in the post.!
MAR 09, 2009 - 08:51 AM
Excellent! Now, you DID mention you saw it here, on Armorama?
MAR 09, 2009 - 10:24 PM
I bought it quite a while back (first time the news about this came up) and all I can say is that it is a really good little publication. Each technique follows a nice application order so you know what method to apply next. Of course, you can create your own variation but this guide provides a definite base from which to start. I was also really impressed (more than I thought I would be) with the general quality of this guide in terms of the good pictures it contained and the the simple yet efficient way the information is presented. It is definitely worth buying! Rob
MAR 12, 2009 - 06:04 AM
Excellent! Now, you DID mention you saw it here, on Armorama? [/quote] i have now!!! im looking forward to it arriving, but im horrible when i have incoming mail, last time i got a package (hobbyboss T34) the doorbell rang, and i rushed to awnser the door. my nan was at the door, and my face dropped!!! i always feel bad for that. and have been trying to make it up to her ever since:
MAR 12, 2009 - 08:19 AM
I would like to point out that this book is amazing for it's size and content, but also that XTREME MODELLING publication is not carrying it anymore. I had to order it online, in the UK Ian Allan Publishing ADVANCED PAINTING TECHNIQUES
MAR 20, 2010 - 05:16 AM

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