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Book Review
CMV - June 2004 Issue

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

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Classic Military Vehicle is primarily aimed at those who run, restore and collect Military Vehicles. It is also aimed at those 'wanabees' like myself who would love nothing better than to drive around the countryside in a Churchill Tank.

This monthly magazine, is as I mentioned earlier, is primarily aimed at the collector. However, having a number of copies of the magazine I would describe it as invaluable resource for the modeller. The vast majority of the articles use original archive material for their illustrations. This issue which is effectively a 'D-Day Special' , contains numerous articles which are based on original material.
The contents...

Apart from the magazine's usual 'departments' such as editorial, classified advertisements, Vehicle Rallies (reports and forthcoming events) etc. The articles are just the kind of technical material that all of us search for.

This month's issue (which apart from the D-Day theme) is pretty typical. Included are articles on the following subjects:

The God Of Water An article on the unknown British LVT - The Neptune

The Activ Snow Track

Normandy 2004
a useful guide to the beaches and museums of the area.

The Gama Goat An overview of the U.S. Army's M561

A Normandy Notebook Two pages of 'official' photographs taken around the Normandy Landings. Some are well-known, at least half have the potential to be converted into dioramas...

Recollections of D-Day A contemporary account of D-Day

British Berna The 'Berna' Series of WW1 trucks is the subject of this article.

DAF YP-408 The Dutch 8 X 6 Armored Vehicle is covered in an interesting report

AVRE A look at some of the Royal Engineers vehicles and their use in Normandy

Storming 'Festung Europa' A look at the 79th Armored Divisions vehicles which were used in the latter stages of WWII. Crabs, Churchill AVREs etc. are all covered in this article.

A truly useful source of valuable information for both the 'kit-basher' and the scratch-builder. The emphasis on this magazine is on 'Visuals' and there are truly some interesting projects to consider. The variety offered in CMV is another of its strengths as well. It would be very easy for a British based magazine to concentrate on solely 'British topics'. This is clearly not the case. This is one of those magazines which caters for both the truck modeller and the AFV modeller even-handedly. Thoroughly recommended.

Sometimes there is clear 'cross-pollination' between another hobby and our own. Both the construction of model military vehicles and the reconstruction/restoration of their 1:1 scale counterparts has more than a few similarities.. The magazine Classic Military Vehicle is one of these titles I always buy when I visit the U.K. this issue (Number 37) was sent to me
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 15, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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