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In-Box Review
Cobra Company

by: James P. Welch [ CAPTAINJACK ]

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This company has come to the rescue of modellers wishing to tackle the excellent new kits produced from Academy of the Blackhawk/Pavehawk, helicopters in 1:35th scale.

I recently receieved the two conversion/update sets and can vouch for the excellent quality of the castings. If you are contemplating building these kits, these conversion sets are a must have for fine accurate detail. The first reference 35004 is dedicated to the Black hawk, and contains 8 finely cast resin add-on/replacement parts.

You get: a detailed rear cabin wall, which will overcome the dimensional short comings of the kit part the correct extensions for the steps, a full sized stabilator, and correct engine nacelles, and intakes; the price is $11.95 and is good value for money in my opinion.

Set 2, reference 35005, is geared for the MH60L (which I believe is the Pavehawk) and contains a total of 39 different pieces, including the following elements:

You get: a replacement cockpit set, the pilot/co-pilot doors, Pilot/co-pilot seats with correct harnessing (a Godsend!), the the radar nose, a corrected dashboard (the kit one is incorrect) FLIR head, and all the external sensors. For a price of $26.95, I think this is equally good value for your hard earned buckolas!

Note that many of the parts for the Pavehawk, such as the doors, dashboard, and cockpit are equally suitable for the Blackhawk. Ideally the kits can be applied to both aircraft, and this is the option I shall choose.

It is a pleasure to review something that I find excellent quality. This is a "gotta have" item, and recieves the Captain Jack, "stars and bars, Good seal of approval."

Cobra company are located at:

Cobra Company
P.O. Box 3966
Crafton Maryland
21114 USA.

Te/Fax 301 261/3216. E-mail [email protected]


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  Scale: 1:35
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  PUBLISHED: May 19, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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