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In-Box Review
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma


Vladimir Demchenko keeps sculpting different and interesting subjects from the Vietnam War and I have to admit that the sculpting and casting quality of the BRAVO-6 figures are apparently increasing. Besides the single figure kits, the company lately released many two-figure kits that can be used as vignettes or parts of bigger dioramas.

The kit B6-35023 includes two figures; a U.S. Navy SEAL team member in his specific clothing and his Viet Cong POW.

Note that this kit can be a nice entry to "Good Morning Vietnam" online contest sponsored by BRAVO-6. To see more details about the contest; please click on the link.

about the figure

In 1962, President Kennedy established SEAL Teams ONE and TWO from the existing UDT Teams to develop a Navy Unconventional Warfare capability. The Navy SEAL Teams were designed as the maritime counterpart to the Army Special Forces -Green Berets. They deployed immediately to Vietnam to operate in the deltas and thousands of rivers and canals in Vietnam, and effectively disrupted the enemy’s maritime lines of communication.

U.S. Navy SEALs (Sea, Air & Land) served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1972, primarily in the Mekong Delta. Operating in seven man teams, they were typically well camouflaged and carried a tremendous amount of firepower. In addition to their offensive operations ; SEALs also trained and advised their Vietnamese counterparts, the Lien Doc Nguoi Nhia, and supported LDNN (Vietnamese SEALs) coastal missions in North Vietnam. The SEALs fearsome appearance and extraordinary combat success prompted the Viet Cong to nickname them Devils with Green Faces. At the war’s height, eight SEAL platoons were in Vietnam on a continuing rotational basis. The last SEAL platoon departed Vietnam in 1971, and the last SEAL advisor in 1973.

As in many of his sculpts; Vladimir Demchenko inspired and used real Vietnam War photos as references and this kit is also a combination of the photos above.

The figures come well packed in standard BRAVO-6 light brown cardboard box . I noticed BRAVO-6 made a change on the two-figure kits making larger boxes for them and now the figures come more relaxed inside the box. :) The front part of the box shows a photo of the assembled and painted figures which can be helpful as a painting reference. On the other side of the box; e-mail address and website of the company are noted.

Each figure comes in a seperate transparent zip-lock bag . Inside these bags, the main part-body and other small parts like arms and accessories of each figure are also seperately inserted in a small plastic bags to avoid unexpected damages during transfer. Parts are represented with the casting blocks.


Both of the figures are sculpted by Vladimir Demchenko and come in medium grey resin. The resin quality is very good and details are very crisp. No air bubbles, excess resin or any casting mistakes on the figures. The junctions between figure parts and casting blocks are well placed and the parts can be easily removed from the blocks with no damage. There will be a small need to clean a few seamlines especially on the back parts of figures.

The figure comes in 7 parts. The main part is Body with head and legs. Facial details, moustache,beard, hair and headband are very well defined. He wears typical ERDL - Engineer Research and Development Laboratories combat jacket with 4 flip-top cover pockets, which was developed back in 1948 but first issued to elite reconnaissance and special operations units during Vietnam war. As for the pants, he has a Jeans modified with cargo pockets from ERDL uniform. The cloth folds and other pocket details of the jacket and trousers, foulard on his neck, M1956 utility belt and suspenders are well represented. Some of the personal gear are cast on the figure. He carries three Stoner magazines M1956 Universal Ammo pouches, two in front and one on the right back. A large canvas bag carried with a long strap crossed on right shoulder is carried on the left side for additional gear. On the back side of the figure; a Jungle First Aid kit is hung on the suspenders and two Hand held Rocket propelled Signal flares are attached on the two straps of suspenders. The details of the personal gear are well defined.

Other parts are;

  • Right arm : Pose to carry a Stoner63, 5.56 general purpose modular machine gun system. The cloth folds and the details of the weapon are well defined.

  • Left arm : Posed to hold the POW’s hair to control him when walking.

  • First aid case or compass pouch.

  • One quart plastic canteen in canvas cover.

  • Stoner magazine

  • KABAR knife in leather scabbard.
    Viet Cong POW

    The figure comes in one piece as a POW with hands tied on the back and a piece of cloth is stucked on his mouth to keep him silent. Facial details and cloth on the mouth are well represented. He wears typical Viet Cong clothing; a pajama type collarless shirt with two front pockets and a pocketless trousers. Cloth folds, tied hands and Ho Chi Minh sandals, an improvised footwear worn by VC made out of cut up truck tyres for soles and cut up inner tubes for straps, are all well defined.

  • Osprey Publishing - Men at Arms 104 - Armies of the Vietnam War 1962-75 (1) by Philip Katcher & Mike Chappell
  • Osprey Publishing - Men at Arms 104 - Armies of the Vietnam War 1962-75 (2) by Lee E.Russell & Mike Chappell
  • Osprey Publishing - Elite 043 – Vietnam Marines 1965-73 (2) by Charles D.Melson & Paul Hannon
  • Osprey Publishing - Men at Arms 157 – Flak Jackets by Simon Dunstan & Ron Volstad
  • Vietnamgear.com
  • David Brubakers Vietnam Equipment and uniforms

    Very nice subject, exceptional sculpting and high quality casting. It can be built as a vignette with no additions.

    Very Highly Recommended

    Highs: Nice subject, very nice sculpt and cast, ease on assembly with less parts.Especially POW in one piece is great help to painter.
    Lows: No lows for this kit.
    Verdict: Absolutely a Must for Vietnam era painters.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: B6-35023
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      PUBLISHED: Jan 21, 2010
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.07%

    Our Thanks to BRAVO-6!
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