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U.S. Armored Infantry
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by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

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While the number of New 1/48th Scale Armor releases is continung (but by no means at the rate of a year or two ago) there still remains a significant hole in the market. Figures. Certainly, there are a number of Injection-moulded sets, but there has been a lack of real HIGH-quality Resin figures as is the case in 1/35th scale. Being aware of this, Total War Miniatures launched their own range a month or two ago.

The Set

TWM48001 - U.S. Armored Infantry consists of two 1/48th scale Resin figures. The figures come in a clear-plastic pack which is suffiently rigid to protect them while in-transit. The figures come on two Resin 'trees' and assembly is required.

The Uniform of the two figures is the same type - the short 'jerkin'-type "Jacket, Combat, Winter" with elasticated cuffs and waistband. Trousers are the usual, HBTs. The figures both have leggings (gaiters). Equipment is limited to the M1916 leather holster and an M1 Carbine.

In Detail

As usual, i'll seperate the various aspects of these figures - Animation, detail, etc.

Poses: The figures are posed in a relaxed manner - in this the addition of a THIRD figure with camera would be perfect! The figure with the Carbine, has in his other hand his helmet, the other figure has his legs crossed and hands in his pocket - transmitting a VERY relaxed air.

Clothing:: The sculpting of the clothing is superb. The bagginess is the trousers is well-captured as are the jackets. There's a very nice definition of the elasticated waistband and cuffs of the jacket. Also well-done are the leggings.One of the figures is sculpted wearing the "Cap, Wool, Knit, M1941" (jeep cap) which is brillantly done

Equipment:: There isn't a lot, but what there is is excellent. Most notable is the M1 helmet being held in the hand of one of the figures. This has a good representation of the helmet liner - usually overlooked in 1/35th scale and even rarer to see it so well-done in 1/48th! The M1 Carbine is good with the ammunition pouches on the butt included.

Hands:: Difficult enough to do convincingly in 1/35th, to sculpt these in 1/48th must be a real nightmare. In these figures the hands are excellently done.

Heads/facial detail:: Both heads are well done although, personally, that with the Jeep Cap, is my preferred one. The other is good although perhaps a little on the thin side for my (personal) taste. The proof though will inevitably come with the painting. Definition of features is VERY good indeed.


The figure with his hands in his pocket only has two parts - it's only necessary to add the head. The socket in the neck is very adequate and requires little in the way of work to make the head fit.

The second figure contains six parts and a little more mork is necessary to add the carbine to the arm (hand and carbine are moulded together) the left-hand and helmet have also to be added to the socket in the arm. As to flash, there was a certain amount of flash present, which needed a little cleaning up with sandpaper and Nº11 blade. The casting though is incredibly sharp and clean-up is minimal. Some care is required removing the M1 Carbine from its casting block although with a little forethought, it's pretty easy. No problems were encountered whatsoever in the construction which is very straightforward.


An excellent first set from a company who promise a great deal. Casting is excellent and sculpting is absolutely sublime. Of the two figures, perhaps the most useful will be the one with the Carbine although both will look good in a variety of situations.

Construction is simple and straightforward - the (inevitable) mould-plugs are easy to remove and they have avoided the frequently-made mistake of casting bloks on TOP of helmets - they are behind and don't interfere with details.

As to the choice of subject, I would, as a first U.S. set have preferred Tankers (due to my underpopulated M4s) or Infantry in full-gear. However, no doubt these are under consideration!

Total War Miniatures have really hit the ground running with this and the German set (which i'll be Reviewing shortly. Unfortunately, the problem remains - will modelers support 1/48th as they should or will they continue with 1/35th as they show every indication of continuing with?

My thanks to Manel Arin of Total War Miniatures!
Jim Rae Reviews the New figure sets from a New Spanish manufacturer - Total War Miniatures. Significantly, the company has chosen to go in a different (but welcome) direction by releasing in 1/48th scale.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: TWM 48001
  Suggested Retail: 14 Euros
  Related Link: Item on manufacturer's website
  PUBLISHED: May 12, 2010
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Total War Miniatures!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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