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In-Box Review
American Marines, Vietnam
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma


Since the beginning of 2010, a large number of 1/35 scale , nicely sculpted and high quality cast resin Vietnam figures are available on market. Evolution Miniatures is one of the companies producing these unique figures. They released two single figure Vietnam kits before; EM-35017 American Infantryman, Vietnam and EM-35024 US Helicopter Pilot,Vietnam.
Lately, the company released a two-figure kit with the title EM-35031 American Marines,Vietnam showing the soldiers at rest during a cigarette break.

The figure comes well packed in standard Evolution Miniatures 70x100x35 mm hard cardboard box . The front part of the box shows a photo of the figure painted by Sergey Traviansky which can serve as a painting guide.
The parts are represented with the casting blocks. The two main parts-bodies and other parts of the figures are seperately inserted in a small plastic zip-lock bags to avoid unexpected damages during transfer.

The figures are sculpted by Sergey Traviansky and cast in high quality resin in crisp details.
  • Figure #1 : Posed to sit with bended knees, the figure is given as a single piece without arms but personal gear are cast on the figure. Facial details, hair and cloth headband are well represented. He wears typical jungle uniform based on the WW2 Para uniform, with 4 pockets (2 breast and 2 waist pockets) on jacket and 2 cargo pockets on both sides of trousers. This was a clothing that combined functional practicality with comfort and attractive design. It is a quick drying coat and trousers made of tightly woven, rip-stop or twill cotton poplin fabric. It provided good protection against the sun, insects, and other tropical hazards. The loosely fitted garments provide ventilation and moisture dissipation. The coat is worn outside of the trousers and the trousers are bloused into the boots. Jacket sleeves are rolled up or cut off. Details of the uniform are well represented. He has leather-canvas combined jungle boots as the foot gear and his uniform is torn on the right knee. He carries a field towel on his neck. It was often worn around the neck to wipe the face free of sweat and protecting the neck and shoulders from heavy equipment and insect bites. As a very nice touch , a necklace with a cross is added on the figure. Personal gear are cast on the figure. There is a M16 magazine bandolier on the left side of his chest with the strap crossed on right shoulder.He has a M1956 canvas utility belt and attached to his belt; he carrries two one quarter canteen and a M16 ammo pouch on the backside.

    Arms of the figure are provided as seperate parts. The cloth folds of the upfolded sleeves are well defined. He has a wrist watch on the left arm.
  • Figure #2 : Posed to sit extending his legs without bending knees, the figure is given as a single piece without arms. Facial details, hair and sweat towel covering the head are well represented. He wears T-shirt , tropical jungle trousers with cargo pockets and jungle boots. Over his T-shirt, he has a M69 Fragmentation Jacket. The cloth folds of the vest, front zipper in open position and loaded pockets are well defined. The strap of the bandolier (given as a seperate part) is cast on the backside of the vest. He carries two water bottles and a first aid pouch attached to his belt. A map or a magazine is rolled and inserted to his right cargo pocket.

    Arms of the figure are provided as seperate parts. Right hand is posed to hold a cigarette and left hand with wrist watch is posed to put on his M16 over his lap.

    Other parts are;
  • M-16 with two magazines taped together

  • M-16 with one magazine

  • Helmet with camouflage cover. Sculpted as the cover is torn on the top of helmet.

  • M16 ammo bandolier for Figure#2

  • M26 grenade

  • Resin block probably that can be used as a ruin block to make the figures sit on it.

    The following books and websites can be useful when painting this figure.

  • Osprey Publishing – Warrior 023 – Marine Corps in Vietnam by Charles D. Melson & Ramiro Bujeiro
  • Osprey Publishing – Campaign 004 – Tet Offensive 1968 Turning Point in by James R. Arnold
  • David Brubaker’s Vietnam Uniforms and Equipment website

    Very nice kit with two nice posed figures. Figures are sculpted in great details and extreme details are added. Casting quality is top quality. It can be displayed alone or can be added to any Vietnam diorama.

    Very highly recommended
    Highs: Very nice posed figures, ease on assembly with less parts, great sculpt and flawless cast.
    Lows: No lows for this product.
    Verdict: Absolutely a MUST to buy kit for Vietnam War modellers.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: EM-35031
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      PUBLISHED: May 19, 2010
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 94.44%

    Our Thanks to Evolution Miniatures!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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    Great figures! Thanks for the review, bro. Mario
    MAY 20, 2010 - 07:36 AM

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