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In-Box Review
Towing cables for armor models (1/35 & 1/72)

by: Pawel Krupowicz [ VODNIK ]

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Many modelers world wide are familiar with copper towing cables for scale models made by Karaya company from Poland. Now they have a serious rival and it also came from Poland! Eureka XXL company have sent me a batch of samples of their products: copper towing cables with resin eyelets for 1/35 and 1/72 scale armor models. I received six samples (two in 1/72 and the rest in 1/35 scale), but their catalogue now lists 8 1/72 cable sets and 32 1/35 cable sets designed for specific models plus eight generic sets of various diameter copper cables.

Each set I received was packed in a small clear plastic box with resin eyelets, copper cable(s) and instruction sheet inside. Instructions are the same for all sets and contain general information about assembly and use of the cables. Two of products I received were versions for Polish market and contained all text only in Polish, both on the box label and instructions but included information was basically the same as in English version in other sets. Copper cables are pre-cut to pieces slightly longer than those needed for each towing cable. There is no information provided in instructions regarding the correct scale length of cables, so original kit parts must be used as templates to cut copper cables or you need to use your references. Resin eyelets come attached to resin pouring blocks and there is also a thin resin film inside each eyelet with has to be removed. Two of the six review sets included additional resin cable mounting parts. All resin parts are glued to the paper label inside each box with easily removable jello-like glue, so they don't move in the box during transport, what protects them from damage. Each resin eyelet has a small hole on cable receiving end, so it is easy to glue the cable to it. Copper cables are very malleable and readily accept and keep any shape.

I received following sets, which I will describe in more details further in the review:

- ER-7204 Towing cable for PzKpfw VI Tiger 1/72 scale
- ER-7206 Towing cable for PzKpfw III Ausf. G - L 1/72 scale
- ER-3501 Towing cable for PzKpfw V Panther 1/35 scale
- ER-3506 Towing cable for modern soviet tanks (T-55, T-72) 1/35 scale
- ER-3515 Towing cable for M1 Abrams tank 1/35 scale
- ER-3524 Towing cable for M270 MLRS 1/35 scale

ER-7204 Towing cable for PzKpfw VI Tiger (1/72 scale)

In this set we get three pieces of copper cable and eight resin parts. One longer cable piece is thinner than others and is meant for track changing cable. Two smaller eyelets are provided for it, while four larger eyelets together with thicker cables make up two towing cables. Additionally we get two resin parts, which are most likely some cable mounting brackets - you must excuse my ignorance of WW2 armor subjects here. Resin eyelets have very nice details molded on them, with braided wires details matching these on copper cables. I found some photos of German WW2 tanks and it seems that the direction of wire braiding is correct and accurate in Eureka XXL product.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 120 mm length of 0.7 mm diameter cable
- 220 mm length of 0.5 mm diameter cable
- 2 x small eyelet - 6.8 mm long
- 4 x bigger eyelet - 10 mm long.

ER-7206 Towing cable for PzKpfw III Ausf. G - L (1/72 scale)

This set consists of two lengths of copper cable and five identical eyelets (including one spare). Details molded on resin parts are similar to those on parts in the Tiger set described above. Cable is also braided in the same correct direction.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 80 mm length of 0.5 mm diameter cable
- 5 x 7.2 mm long eyelet.

ER-3501 Towing cable for PzKpfw V Panther (1/35 scale)

This set is slightly similar to the Tiger set, but it is in 1/35 scale, so all parts are larger and the only resin parts included are eyelets. But here we also get three cables, including thinner track changing cable and six eyelets. Details on resin parts are obviously even better reproduced in this larger scale product. Surprisingly however there is an error in direction of cable braiding! The thinner track changing cable is correctly braided, but towing cables are braided "wrong way around". Direction of braiding of wires in copper cable does not match this molded on resin eyelet and, judging from real tank pictures which I've found on the Web, it is inaccurate.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 24 mm length of 0.9 mm diameter cable
- 150 mm length of 0.5 mm diameter cable
- 2 x small eyelet - 5.8 mm long
- 4 x bigger eyelet - 16.7 mm long.

ER-3506 Towing cable for modern soviet tanks (T-55, T-72) - (1/35 scale)

This set consists of two lengths of copper cable and four identical eyelets. Cable is braided in the same direction as on some photos of Russian tanks I have, so it seems to be correct. Eyelets also look just like those on real tank pictures.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 130 mm length of 1.1 mm diameter cable
- 5 x 10.5 mm long eyelet.

ER-3515 Towing cable for M1 Abrams tank (1/35 scale)

Just as the previous one, this set also consists of two lengths of copper cable and four identical eyelets. Wires are braided in correct direction as in real tanks. Eyelets have very accurate shape with a hexagonal cross-section piece near the cable end.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 90 mm length of 0.9 mm diameter cable
- 5 x 10 mm long eyelet.

ER-3524 Towing cable for M270 MLRS (1/35 scale)

The last of reviewed sets contains just one copper cable and two eyelets, but in addition to that we get resin mounting brackets and hooks to replace kit parts, which are molded integrally with the cable in Dragon model. The shape of resin parts is accurate and cable braiding direction is also correct.

Part dimensions:

- 2 x 95 mm length of 0.6 mm diameter cable
- 5 x 7.5 mm long eyelet.
Eureka XXL towing cable sets are very interesting and high quality products. They would most certainly greatly improve the look of any model they are used with. Minimal cleanup is needed to prepare resin parts for assembly and copper cables are highly malleable what makes them very easy to use. Wire braiding error in Panther set is the only problem I noticed, but I expect that for most modelers it is just something of really minimal importance and these cables can still be used and most likely no one would notice that there is anything wrong with them!

Highly recommended!

Many thanks to Dariusz Piotrowski of Eureka XXL for the review samples!

For a full list of products, pricing and to order visit Eureka XXL website: http://www.piomodels.neostrada.pl/EurekaStrona/PIO.htm.
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  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: various
  Related Link: Eureka XXL website
  PUBLISHED: Sep 23, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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    Copper cables and resin parts. Note that direction of braiding on thicker cable does not match this on the eyelet. (ER-3501)
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    Copper cable and resin parts (ER-3524).