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In-Box Review
Celtic Chieftain

by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma

The figure comes in the standard Pegaso Models blue cardboard box. There are no assembly instructions or painting guide supplied with the kit. A single photo of the full figure and a close-up of the left profile (showing a long scar over the right eye) on the front of the box gives the builder some idea of positioning and painting. A second photo showing the reverse side of the figure would have been useful. The parts arrive sandwiched between two slabs of thick gray polyfoam. Small parts are secured in a small plastic bag.
The figure is sculpted by Pietro Balloni and is made up of eight white-metal parts. The casting is very clean, well detailed and crisp with no serious cleaning, sanding or filling required. A little clean up with a knife to remove a few barely visible seam lines, and a brushing with an old toothbrush to make them shine is a good idea before priming. Keep in mind, primer as an undercoat makes the paint adhere better on metal figures.

The torso and legs are cast as one piece, and the armor and belt (with embroidery) are well detailed. There are splits in front of the body to place the dagger and sword and a large split on the back of the figure for the cape. The cape should be glued to the body before attaching other parts as this makes the remaining assembly easier. The head is the most attractive part of the kit and features a helmet that is super-detailed with embroidery, crest and dragon shaped ceremonial wings. The hair and beard are very good and the facial expression is great. A long scar over the right eye is an awesome addition. The head fits easily over the cape. Keep in mind that it must be posed as looking left for a perfect fit.

Other parts include the arms, a dagger, sword and battle axe. The right hand is sculpted on the axe to avoid any fit problems, and there is a small receiving hole in the arm to seat the hand snugly. All parts fit well and the detailing of the sword and dagger is attractive.
Final Verdict
With a high quality casting, fine details, smooth fit, and a strong pose, I believe this is a figure that many modelers will want to have in their display case.

Highly recommended.
A colorful subject that is superbly cast in white metal, Pegaso’s Celtic Chieftain, second half of 6th century BC, offers the painter a unique subject that features nice fitting parts and a nice pose. For me, the fact there is limited flesh to paint also makes this an attractive subject.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-132
  Suggested Retail: 26,50 Euro
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 19, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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