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In-Box Review
Recent Conlicts Printed Material

by: Paulo R Castro [ ARMOUREDSPRUE ]

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Imagine the scene: "One more protest by the death of an young Palestinan on the Israeli occupied territories, be on Cisjordan or in the Gaza Strip, at one side the Israelis policemen and soldiers, on the other side, the crowd of furious people, shouting and waving posters, in protest for the Israeli presence."

Now you have the chance to recreate this scene in a diorama, since the belgium company DREAM CATCHER PRODUCTIONS, release their series of printed accessories to the most recent conflicts, as the Vietnam war, Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Arab-Israeli conflicts and much more recently the anti-terrorism war in Afghanistan by the American troops, in their hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

The whole series has more than 90 items, printed in the format of a half of an A4 format paper, in a very well printed process, so letīs see it in details these wonderful items:


DCP 006 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Maps: Vietnan - The cities & Hot spots), that contains various maps from the Vietnam era: map of the city of Huey - Tet Ofensive, map from the Saigon region, map from city of Danang, map from the Tan Son Nhut Airbase, map from the city of Saigon, map from Danang and Marble Montains, map from the city of Hue norte sector and map from the Chu Lai-Mai Lai region.

DCP 030 -Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Maps: Afghanistan), that is maps for the american ofensive in Afghanistan, with: map from the Kandahar province, maps from the cities of Kabul, Herat, Kundoz/Takhar, Paktia/Logar, Zabul, Nemruz, Juzjan/Balkh e Badakhshan.

DCP 031 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters & Publications: Afghanistan), that is posters, flies, books, etc, showing Osama Bin Laden, Massoud, PM Karzai, woman rights petition, anti mine warnings (books and signals).

DCP 032 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters: Gaza Strip/Ramallah etc.#1), with a lot of incredibles palestinans posters!


DCP 033 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters: Gaza Strip/Ramallah etc.#2), itīs a complimentation for the set #32, protests palestinans posters.

DCP 060 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Russian-soviet military maps / Afghanistan), it brings the maps for the Soviet war at Afghanistan, in Russian!

DCP 066 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Israel Posters & Signs 1973 Onward #1), where we found Israeli propaganda posters including for the voting campaing.

DCP 063 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters: Gaza Strip/Ramallah etc.#3), Palestinan posters in arabic and english.

DCP 067 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters: Gaza Strip/Ramallah etc.#4), more Palestinan protests posters.

DCP 068 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Posters: Gaza Strip/Ramallah etc.#5), more Palestinans posters claiming for the intifada against the Israelis.


DCP 059 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Palestinan Propaganda Posters), more propaganda palestinan posters.

DCP 073 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Israeli Posters/Early Period 1956-1967 #2), various israeli posters from the time, in hebraic.

DCP 108 - Modern Wars/Regional Conflicts (Israel Posters & Signs 1973 Onward #4), with posters, voting posters, an interesting poster for the radio warning for the Scud missiles "Poisonous Snake", and also some cinema psoters.

With a total of 96 printed items, that covers posters from the Spanish Civil War, to the Northern Ireland conflicts, amongst many others, that allow you a real wide range of possibilities to make an odd dioramas. With a right quality impression and paper, this series fullfill the gap on the market for modern military subjects, its truly welcomed. Besides the printed itens, the Dream Catcher also produces a large line of figures (busts, fantasy, 200mm, 150mm, 130mm, 90mm, 54mm e principally 120mm) that very beyond the usual itens that you are used to see.


And how I have to proceed to buy these gems? Well, each printed item is sold for $5,00 euros, and could be ordered by the e-mail: [email protected] with James Welch. You can also ask for the complete list of the products, if you would like can check the site, so click on the logo for DreamCatcher above.

Very special thanks to Mr James Welch, that kindness send me the items for this review - {Beto be gratefull :-)}

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  PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Paulo R Castro (ArmouredSprue)

I'm a 43 years old modeller originally from Brazil but now living in the beautiful Adelaide South Australia, and I like to build 1/35th military vehicles, both tanks and AFV and jeeps and trucks. I also enjoy building planes in 1/72, most WWII. Feel free to contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

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