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Tool Review
LionRoar Markings For U.S. Military Vehicles

by: Delbert [ DELBERT ]

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The Product:

The set contains 5 U.S. stars with circles in differing sizes, 5 U.S. stars in various sizes, aprox 3 sets of numbers, 2 complete alphabets, 5 USA stencils, 5 USMC stencils, and 2 US ARMY stencils. This gives you enough to stencils the basic ID markings on your U.S. vehicle with an airbrush. All PE stencils are fairly easy to remove from the fret.

The manufacturers website is http://www.lionroar.net/en/ but it is a very slow site and doesn't seem to have this product listed. I purchased mine from an e-bay seller who seems to have a few of these up on his e-bay store all the time. The buy it now price was $10.50

The Positives:

These stencils are good if you want to airbrush on your markings to avoid decal silvering or are just trying for a more realistic look. Or you are trying to do a specific vehicle that you don't have decals for.

I found the stars quite easy to use with the airbrush even though Iíve never done anything like this before and my airbrushing skills are not the best. The PE metal is very thin allowing you to tape it to the model and it flexes itself around minor bends and such.

The stenciled numbers and letters also look very realistic but requires a very light touch on the airbrush.

The Negatives:

You have to be careful airbrushing with these and apply very light coats at a time to avoid under spraying the stencil.

Will not work very well. on an area that has a major bend or to much detail where the stencil meets the model.

There is no hyphens included in the set.

There is no "blank" letter box to make spaces easier to make.

The letters are very small and will take a lot of time and effort to line up and tape down to the model for airbrushing.

My Conclusion:

I personally like this item and there have been times I wished I had a stencil for the U.S. stars, and now I do and will be using them at the very least.

I've included a photo of some tests I did with with these and keep in mind that is is the first time Iíve used anything like this so any error's in airbrushing is my fault not the templates. Namely the numbers, I didn't get them all straight and there is some bleed through from between the blocks near the end..
This is a stainless steel photo-etch of marking stencils in 1/35 scale for U.S. vehicles.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LAM 004
  Suggested Retail: 10.50
  Related Link: LionRoar's website
  PUBLISHED: Mar 26, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Delbert (Delbert)

I'm 51. I've been model building since Dec 2001 and I build everything from wingy things to ground hugger's. esp WWII era. also built a car or two. Some people think my stuff isn't too bad.

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