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Built Review
Orthodox Priest

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

It surely was a big surprise to see Custom Dioramics release a figure of an Orthodox Priest in 1/35. As a diorama builder I highly appreciate the chance to see something so different and handy for dios and vignettes.

Having a preference in “alternative” war scenes, like rest camps or specific off battle events, I think that this figure will be the start for a different kind of vignette.

The Figure (what’s in the box)
The figure is packaged in a transparent plastic box. The resin figure is made up of six pieces: a one-piece body, hands, feet and a head all molded in cream-colored resin. The piece is sculpted by Douglas Lee with the box art painted by Chris Mrosko.

Quality – Impression
I examined the figure under a magnification light as I usually do with resins to make sure I can find any flaws before priming the figure. I could only find two tiny air bubbles which were on the inside of the priest ‘s right sleeve and in an area where they won’t be evident after assembling.

A nice feature of this figure is that Custom Dioramics has made a small scale “pre pinning” for the builder which are small pins and holes molded to the corresponding pieces which guides the pieces together during assembly, like butter on a knife. That helps the parts fit perfectly and makes this an easy subject to build.

The overall sculpting is good, especially the facial characteristics which represent an old man . The folds in the cloth are very nice and should paint up nicely.

One thing that caused me to pause is the chain that hangs the cross from the priest’s neck. It’s a kind of beaded chain that, at least in my country, priests don’t use. But it maybe something more common to other parts of the world . Another thing I thought of is that all the priests I have seen have a beard that’s widening to its end but this one has a narrowing . No matter, it’s his beard !

The pose of the figure -- is a bit on the move with his left hand forwarded, like he's expecting to get something or to give, perhaps his blessing -- looks good and will be useful

Aside from paiting the face and working with an overall black robe (black can be tricky to work with) even a medium level or starter painter shouldn’t have problems with this figure

Cleaning - Test fit
Resin casting blocks were easily removed with fine razor saw and along with some sanding got the figure ready for painting. I cut small bits of Blue Tack and performed a fast dry fit. The results are very, very good

I believe that every dio maker will love this figure, especially those who like a bit of a different themes other than the classic shooting dioramas. This figure looks highly authentic and could be matched with other civilians in some village or a country chapel. He could also be used with some soldiers before the fight and is also open to many others options to use.
He should fit right in with scenes set in Russia or the Mediterranean. I’ll be soon, doing a vignette with this one. Overall quality and ease of assembly and painting make this a highly recommended subject.
A surprising choice of an unusual figure, Custom Dioramics has produced a figure that should be useful in dioramas and vignettes.A good looking figure that is easy to build that fills a gap in the market, this should be a welcome addition to builders.
  THEME / USE:90%
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: CD4047
  Suggested Retail: $ 13.98
  Related Link: VLS Corporation
  PUBLISHED: May 12, 2005

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