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In-Box Review
Marcomannic Warrior - End of II Cent A.D.

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Introduction - Information

There are some times, that you see the box art, of a figure, and you are enchanted. One of them is the Marcomannic Warrior, aged at the end of II Century A.D.

One of the latest, Pegaso releases, in 75 mm with the code 75-020. The theme is interesting, itself, since we talk, for a tribe, that was acting, over the borders of Germany. After negated the Roman’s alliance (2nd Century A.D.), they found them shelves, in war till the 5th century AD, that they disappear from History.
Attached there is a close shot of the leaflet in English so you can read the full story, as is written in the notes.

After all these, and when, you see, all the Roman equipment, that this warrior carries, and his decisive pose and look, you really are tempted, to paint this one.

Yury Serebriakov, one of my favorite sculptors, does sculpture.

The figure (What's in the box)

We face, the usual high-level packaging, with a thick carton box, in Pegaso’s standard blue motive, with 3 pictures, of the nice painted, figure box art. Inside, there is a total, of 12 white metal pieces, in very good quality material. Main body is divided in 2 halves, the 2 arms are separate, 3 pieces for the helmet, one for the shield, a textured base with some rocks, a cloak with fur cover, a sword, and a Roman style dagger. Smaller parts are in separate plastic bag, and 2 sheets of historical notes by Marco Giuliani, and painting instructions are included, as in all Pegaso kits. All parts are protected, from 2 grey sheets of foam material, and whole pack, is tight and safe

Pose - Casting Quality - Sculpting Detail

The pose is very nice, and the tooling, of having both hands, casted, together with the objects they rest on is very clever. Even in better companies’ kits sometimes, fit perfection, can be lost, in difficult angles of hands, holding objects or resting on them. And then the whole image is not that good. But thats not happening here

Flash is almost non-existing, and the cleaning procedure, should not be recorded over 2-3 minutes. Surface of the parts is very clear, with no flaws, even if I inspected carefully! One more motive to prime and move for painting.

Sculpting, is at very high level, and detail, is amazing all over. The face has a very strong look and the figure shows personality, that claims, for good painting, to show off. It’s giving clearly, the age of the warrior, with face wrinkles and as these people, wouldn’t have lived, into luxury. I think, a “weathered” look of skin is proper.


The box art shows a nice color combination that could be used. But as the leaflet says, and sounds pretty sensible, many other combinations could be used, and I believe that in several competitions, this figure will be seen in a lot of different painting variations.

Since, the cloak is totally, separate part and can be, attached, when all other elements are painted, I don’t see any practical difficulty in painting order. Free hand, shield painting, could be a challenge, but for the less courageous, dry transfers, and painting over could be a solution also!

I suspect, some people, would like, to add some snow on the base, to make it feel like Germany!!!


Overall, this is, one very interesting figure, to get and paint.

First of all, the specific figure, has a different look and personality, which you don’t find everyday in figures. Then the subject, is also not much, or maybe at all, released or common. So will be a different addition to your collection.

The guaranteed Pegaso high quality, is once again here, with perfect material and clever tooling, to offer a nice kit, that will give u many hours of happy painting.

Starter level painters, may find some hard the shield painting, but is surely worth to try!

Highly recommended

Special Thanks, to Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models, for kindly supplying, the review sample
One of Pegaso's latest releases, represents a Marcomannic Warrior at the End of II Century A.D. A Germanic tribe, that after refusing releationship with the Romans, had to be, in constant fight with them.High quality, impressive figure, for every painter
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
  Mfg. ID: 75-020
  Suggested Retail: euros 37,5
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  PUBLISHED: May 23, 2005

Our Thanks to Pegaso Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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