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In-Box Review
Christ of the Trenches - Nouvelle Chapelle 1918

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Introduction - Information

I don’t know, if that happens to all figure painters. But when I “discover” a new figure company, or lay hands for first time on a company’s figure, I am usually so thrilled, that I leave, all other projects, aside, and paint this one.

The “Christ of the Trenches”, is a similar situation, since, it was the first time, I had in my hands, a figure from the Portuguese company, named Viriatus.

The kit represents the Christ of the Trenches, in Nouvelle Chapelle, France 1918. It’s based on a photograph of Amaldo Garcez. At the time, Portuguese army was helping, to defend, the German invasion.

When, for the first time, I accessed Viriatus online catalogue and browsed, all figures one by one, this particular figure, made me, a nice impression. The addition, of the crucifix, was nice to have, and the idea, to make it, in a trench, actually enhanced, my desire to paint it.

Important information, also, is that, all Viriatus miniatures are casted, in only 200 pieces, which also makes them, a collector’s item.

The kit is sculpted from Fernando Martinez and the box art painted by Fernando Pires.

The figure kit - Quality - Detail

14 parts are consisting the kit. The level of quality in casting and in sculpting is easily compared with the top brands of the figure market. And i really mean that! I was impressed of how much clean and smooth all parts were, and how much intense, was all the sculpted detail, in even the smaller part of the kit.

Almost all soldier’s figure, is in one, solid part, except, the two separate hands. Cap, helmet, rifle, 3 pieces for the cross, the Christ statue, canteen, small bag, small sign for the cross, and a ground textured base, make, the parts complete list, for this kit.

Very little cleaning, was demanded, and in dry fit test, the figure went together pretty good in all parts. So this, will be easing, the separate parts painting procedure. When the figure was primed no flaw at all appeared, so after some hours the first paints were brushed on.


In the leaflet of the kit, the color guide is sufficient and clear. There are no alternatives, as we talk for a soldier.

You will have to pay some extra care when painting the cross, so that u make it to look like real wood.

The figure is surely simple enough to paint, but, you will have to be, a bit careful to make, the crucifix, look really good.

It’s surely, a very good figure, to paint, even for a starter. This way, everyone can see, how much, the good sculpted figure helps the painter

At this point, I have to say, that, the box art picture, is small enough and not the best quality, (the picture not the painting), to my opinion. Also, the pictures in the company’s website, are some small for my eyes!!!


I am really happy, to know, that there is, one more company, in the figure market, which makes, really good figures. And the name is Viriatus.

Maybe to some, the fact, that all themes, of the company, are from Portuguese history, over the centuries, might be restricting. But I think that, when u like to paint good figures, that will not be a preventing factor.

The specific figure, had pretty good detail, made my life easy while painting, since the sculpting is awesome, and the addition of the crucifix, made the extra touch to have a different theme in your collection.

All levels of painters, will be able, to paint, this one, but, you will have, to pay, some extra, attention and effort, to make a nice scenery, to present it, nicely.

Highly recommended

A Special Thanks, to Armorama member, Rui Matos – Skipper, for sending me over, this nice miniature. I hope, I made him really happy, as a Portuguese, with my painting

Notes on the builded figure base

This figure cried for a scenery to put the viewer into the ra and the conditions that the soldier was. Physical material for soil and plants were used. Some aluminium foil made corrugated metal plate, a friendly resin rat, balsa pieces textgured, and some PE barbed wire . I hope u enjoy it. All paintings in acrylics
From Portugese company Viriatus, a very nice figure, based on a picture of WWI. Nice quality and detail and a kit that offers for special scenery work to present it .
  THEME / POSE:90%
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54G002
  Suggested Retail: 25,10 EUR
  Related Link: Viriatus Website
  PUBLISHED: May 23, 2005

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