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In-Box Review
Corsair - End of XVII Century

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma

Introduction - Information

I have always, thought positive, when I faced figure releases, from high level companies, that offer something more than the figure. Some, scenery pieces, more than a plain ground base, maybe. But my best, is, when I see, as an addition, some animal, never the less, how small, should it be.

When I saw, in my electronic mailbox, Pegaso’s new releases, some time ago, and faced, the fancy figure of the corsair, with the monkey on his shoulder, just ..imagine my happiness.

Corsairs, pirates, have always, been favorite subjects, for figure painters. The colorful dressing and the freedom, in color choices, is an explanation. The legend surrounding them, is another, I believe.

So, here, sculpted from Andrea Jula, in 54mm with code 54-198, in Elite series. A Corsair, from the end of XVII century. When travelling , the seas was a high risk , and many brave men made legends.

The figure - Pose - Casting Quality - Sculpting Detail

Hard, dark blue carton box, with 2 sheets of protective foam material, keeps all 13 white metal pieces of the kit safe.

Torso with one foot, 2 arms and a wrist, separate, left foot, hat, hat’s feathers, monkey’s head, chest’s lock, chest, monkey’s tail, stiletto with pistol, part of wooden floor, are the parts, u need, for the corsair.

Almost, no cleaning is demanded, and no flaws, proved to be, after, the parts, were examined, carefully

Flash is non-existing, and the assembly, will not cause u any headaches, as the fit is really good. The surface, of the metal pieces, is nice and smooth and after a good soap bath, you will be, ready for priming and then painting.

Sculpt work, is really nice, and once finished, you will have a real gem, in your collection.

The corsair, is really good looking and if u wish, to add some scenery, either some ship parts, or island’s ground, would really, be nice and impressive.


The box art, color combination, is a good one, to follow, but jacket color, could be altered, and the trousers and hat’s also, at any desire. Suggestions on alternative painting schemes are also included in figure’s information leaflet. You will need, to do, some careful washing and dry brushing, on the “wooden” chest, to present realistically, the wood texture. Some metallic touches, on the lock and nails, will complete the picture.

I don’t think that anyone will have a “hard time”, while painting this figure, but for sure is not the simplest thing on planet earth.

The jacket could be a hit, if u decide to go, on a complex embroidery pattern painting, to show off.

As always, visiting Pegaso web site, u can have, access to 4 good views, of the painted box art, to help u in painting. I have attaché them also here in case u want to see them right now!


Pegaso, is, once again, keeping the figurist happy.

High quality of sculpting and casting, good fit and a cute monkey, are more than enough, to have, a very interesting theme, to paint, I think!

Colorful additions, in your showcase, always are welcomed I think. So ..don’t hesitate.

All levels painters, will be able, to paint, with personal choice and skill, in degree of detail, especially, if u choose to make, some more complicated, jacket painting scheme.

Highly recommended

A Special Thanks to Luca Marchetti, of Pegaso Models, for kindly providing, the review sample.

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Travel, in 17 centurie's seas with Pegaso's Corsair, and his lovely monkey ! Amazing figure in 54mm white metal, for a nice stand alone addition in your collection, or use in vigniette. Sculpted by Andrea Jula and painted by Emiliano Jacobacci.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-198
  Suggested Retail: Euros 26,5
  Related Link: Pegaso Models
  PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2005

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