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Book Review
3D Admiral Graf Spee
Kagero’s Super Drawings in 3D Admiral Graf Spee
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by: Gremlin56 [ GREMLIN56 ]

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Model Shipwrights


Kagero of Poland have very kindly sent me two new publications to review, one of which is number 19 in their series of 3D reference books: the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee. In the by now familiar format of 74 pages and a large fold out line drawing, this edition is drawn by Stefan Draminski, translated by Kazimierz Zygadlo with text and captions by Stefan Draminski and Miroslaw Skwiot. The ISBN number is 978-83-62878-56-7. Once again Kagero have come up with the ultimate reference book for anyone building or planning to build a scale model of the third and final “Deutschland” class warship.


The Admiral Graf Spee was the final warship of the Deutschland class, sister ships being the Deutschland and Admiral Scheer (sister ships on paper only, modifications were included on each subsequent build). The keel was laid in October of 1932 and the Admiral Graf Spee was commissioned in 1936. At the outbreak of World War II the Admiral Graf Spee was at sea in the North Atlantic under the command of Captain Hans Willhelm Langsdorff, and in September she headed South across the Equator to commence operations against Allied shipping. These operations continued successfully until December of 1939, the Admiral Graf Spee being periodically resupplied at sea by the Altmark.

On December 13th 1939 the Admiral Graf Spee was spotted by Force G, consisting of the heavy cruiser Exeter and the light cruisers Ajax and Achilles. In the ensuing battle all warships suffered damage, the Admiral Graf Spee eventually breaking off the engagement and heading for Montevideo in Uruguay to make repairs arriving off Montevideo on December 14th. Despite a request on December 16th to be allowed to remain at Montevideo for 72 hours the Uruguayan authorities informed Captain Langsdorff that the Admiral Graf Spee would not be granted that time and would have to leave Montevideo by 22:00 hours on December 17th. Having been informed by Berlin that staying in Montevideo and being interned for the rest of the war would not be allowed and realising that putting out to sea after having expended 60% of the available ammunition and without having effected repairs was a sure way to being defeated, Captain Langsdorff made the unenviable decision to scuttle his warship just outside Montevideo. At 20:52 hours on December 17th 1939 the scuttling charges were ignited and the Admiral Graf Spee sank in 9 meters of water. The wreck burned for two days. Captain Langsdorff committed suicide on December 20th 1939.
If I remember correctly the stern crest of The Admiral Graf Spee depicting the Reich’s Eagle carrying the wreathed Swastika was salvaged a few years ago and is on display in a museum in Montevideo.

The Kagero publication tells the story of the short and successful operational career of the Admiral Graf Spee followed by her violent end in detail, providing interesting reading material. Also added is information about the warships dimensions and armament. The remaining 64 pages contain the 3D renderings of the ship in December 1939 colours (a very unusual camouflage scheme that is an interesting change of look to the usual overall grey warship appearance).
The drawings are the usual Kagero gems showing all structures and fittings of the real vessel in magnificent detail and colour. The included 1/350th scale fold out sheet shows the Admiral Graf Spee on one side and line drawings of the various details on the other side.


An excellent reference work for anyone building a model of the Admiral Graf Spee or anyone just interested in the Deutschland class of pocket battleships. As usual, excellent value for money.
Highs: Magnificent drawings, enjoyable and readable reference section.
Lows: None.
Verdict: Another excellent edition to what is rapidly becoming a must have collection of reference books for the serious modeller. Spot on again in their choice of subject.
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  PUBLISHED: May 02, 2013

Our Thanks to Kagero Publishing!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Excellent review friend JUlian!! When he says ..... " for anyone building to model of the Admiral Graf Spee " am I included?? Jajajjaja Already I want to see this book in my hands!!!! I give birth the construction of my A.G.S hoping that it goes out to the this market 3D My congratulations to the friends of Kagero for this new delivery and to a price more that reasonable for the quality of his works!! Julian---the Eagle of stern I recover a few years ago and it was in exhibition a few days. But since then this one in custody in dependences of the sea-coast. Claims for political, economic interests, sovereignty, heritage and racism an prohibited the people of being able to see the only surviving piece of the WWII ........ Regards Daniel
MAY 02, 2013 - 01:31 PM
That is a story you must tell here Daniel, being involved in the recovery of the stern crest of the Graf Spee You also mean to say that the crest has disappeared into storage so that no one can see it? That is absolutely amazing Do you have any photos? Julian
MAY 02, 2013 - 05:22 PM
I see you already posted the videos and photos, excellent my friend, thank you ! Julian
MAY 02, 2013 - 05:38 PM
Hello Julian!! I do not take part of the extraction of Eagle of the Graf Spee. But a friend yes. "Hector Bado" one compatriot taken root in USA. Partner and chief of divers and operations in the rescue of the Admiral Graf Spee. Lamentably the project I remain stopped and in hands of the justice!! The initial idea was to refloat the Spee in its entirety!!! I have to convince Hector who comes closer to Model Shipwrights since it is a modelista with more of 200 kits finish!! jejejejje
MAY 02, 2013 - 06:05 PM

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