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In-Box Review
Cowboy at the Saloon

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

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Historicus Forma


Western themes have always been very appealing to me, after all these Hollywood movies I have watched as a child, and happily still watch.

Lately there is an increase in Western subjects release by figure companies. Pegaso is offering lately two new figures. One is the Cow Boy at Saloon that will be reviewed
here, and the latest one is the Sheriff, that will be soon reviewed also.

This 54mm figure, in Elite Series, gives the chance, for a classic pose, to be modeled, like seen, in all movies. The hard looking, cowboy, drinking his bourbon, at the saloon, and looking away, a bit skeptically. Gianni La Rocca signs the sculpt work here, and Gianni Coniglio has done the paintjob on the box art..

The kit - What's in the box - Quality - Detail - Pose

Pegaso’s, well-known, blue carton box, is here again. Holding 2 thick sheets of protective foam material, to keep, the kit parts safe.

All in all, 12 pieces are here, for this good-looking figure. All body is in one piece except left foot, that’s separate. Head, Stetson hat, bottle, glass, 2 spurs, 2 pistols in holsters, and 2 parts for the saloon bench.

Flash is non-existing, and the assembly procedure will be carried out easily, as the fit is very good. Surface is smooth and almost ready for priming.

The pose, is relaxed, as the guy, is leaning back, on the bar bench. Still, his hands are both, near the twin Colts’ area.just in case.

Sculpting is pretty well detailed and will ease the painting process a lot.


The box art color combination is a good one to follow but vest color can be altered, and the hats also. U will also need to do some careful washing and dry brushing on the benches “wooden” parts to imitate realistically the wood texture.

I don’t think that anyone will have a “hard time”, while painting this figure, but for sure is not the simplest thing on planet earth.

The vest embroidery, in case, u insist on doing it, is a field, that non-experienced painters, might step back, but its easy if u try . The rest, of the figure, doesn’t show many difficulties.


One more time, a nice figure, from Pegaso.

Keeping quality and detail level too high, in the figures u paint, really advances u as a painter, so keep that in mind when buying figures.

Figures, like this one, that show an interesting subject, and not much difficulty, in painting, are suggested, for all levels, of painters. The starter and intermediate, will be happy, to have it in collection. Experienced painters, on the other hand, always seek, good quality pieces, to paint, alternative versions, of subjects, that they have done, probably, before.

Italy's, Romeo Models Company, has just released, a sallon interior kit, thats adjusted, to this particular figure, in case u need, something more, than the bench, to display the cowboy, or make a vigniette with more than one West style figures

Highly recommended

A Special Thanks to Luca Marchetti, of Pegaso Models, for kindly providing, the review sample.

Click here for additional images for this review.

A really nice posed Cowboy in a saloon, amongst the latest releases of Pegaso Models, is cathcing our eye. High quality kit and Gianni La Rocca's, sculpture will be, all painters' delight.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-196
  Suggested Retail: euros 26,5
  Related Link: Pegaso Models
  PUBLISHED: Jun 07, 2005

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