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Built Review
German Paratroopers

by: Nathan Phelps [ PORKCHOP ]

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35020 German Para with PzSchreck

This figure is comprised of five parts with the torso molded as one piece. Two different heads are provided (a common trait with Alpine figures); one with a camo cover and the other with netting on the helmet.
The sculpting is crisp as usual and the folds fall nicely in the camo smock he wearing. The pants also seems to have a nice amount of “bag” to them.

The hands and Panzerschrek are molded as one piece to ensure proper fit. When looking at the pour blocks on this part it looked like it would be a bear to clean up, but amazingly, it was pretty easy. Care needs to be taken when trimming the excess resin, but I found most of it came away easily with the help of a No. 11 blade. A small scissors was used to remove the resin around the tube on the back of the weapon, which is nicely sculpted.

Both arms fit nicely, but they need to be fitted in conjunction with the hands/Panzerschrek combination to ensure the proper fit. Alpine has done a nice job molding the arms in such a manner that they blend very well with the torso and require only minimal smoothing.
A canteen is the only other part included and it attaches easily to the bed bag.

35021 German Paratrooper

Four parts make up this guy, but the builder has an additional choice to make on this figure. Aside from the usual choice of heads ( a plain steel helmet or one with camo netting) the builder is also given the choice on the left hand which can be built holding a grenade or a round for the Panzerschrek.

Like the first figure, folds throughout the uniform look natural and details are crisply molded. This figure has a pair of binos around his neck and they are molded as part of the one-piece torso along with the strap. Along with two grenades tucked into belt, the figure also has a holster, ammo pouches and is armed with a G-43 in his right hand. The G-43 and hand are molded as one piece and fit nicely into a hole in the arm.

The arms fit well, but my sample will take a little bit of work on the left arm with just small amount of putty and sanding to close a tiny gap at the top of the shoulder.


Both of these figures carry on the strong tradition of work we have come to expect from Alpine -- sharp sculpting, slick engineering and nice casting. The figures are available separately or as a team (35022, for $28.95)

Both figures are sculpted and cast by Taesung Harmms (Taesung) and the box art is painted by Jaume Ortiz Forns (Homellop). The painted figures used for this review are taken from the box art.
Thanks to Alpine for providing the review samples.
Top-notch sculpting and great engineering are the hallmarks of Alpine Miniatures’ figures and those qualities are continued in two of their newer resin figures released earlier this spring.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35020 and 35021
  Suggested Retail: $14.95 eac
  Related Link: Alpine Miniatures Website
  PUBLISHED: Jul 02, 2005

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