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In-Box Review
German Tankers
Frozen German Tankers halb-und-Halb
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Besides a wide range of Vietnam War US and VC figures, BRAVO-6 rarely release some German figures from World War II.
Honestly, I was hard to understand why this kit is named Halb-und-Halb(half and half) and asked Vladimir. As he explained it was a joke, I figured out the figures share jackets and trousers of a Winter mouse gray/white reversible uniform and Black Wool Panzer uniform.
B6-35106 represents German Tankers with clothing suitable for winter conditions.

The kit comes in standard BRAVO-6 light brown cardboard box with a photo of the painted figures.
Inside the box, figure bodies and small parts are inserted in seperate transparent zip-lock bags.

The figures are sculpted by Vladimir Demchenko, cast in medium gray resin and represented with casting blocks.

Posed standing and wearing his gloves; figure comes in in three parts; full body with head and two seperate arms. Casting quality is good in crisp details but there are quite noticable vertical seamlines on both sides of legs and inside lines need a carving and sanding cleanwork.
  • Body : Facial details,hair and sidecap, Feldmütze, with national emblem and cockade are nice sculpted. He wears a Mouse grey/White Reversible Parka, black wool Panzer field trousers and Marschstiefel -long boots. Cloth folds of parka and trousers, details of parka like front closure, buttons, tunnel looped waist strap,hood and diagonally angled slash hip pockets are well defined.
  • Arms : Both shows nice cloth folds. He wears Woolen Knit Gloves on his left hand and the other pair is sculpted in his right hand. Lined texture on the glove is well defined.

    FIGURE #2
    Posed standing with a cigarette at hand; figure comes in three parts but head is given as a seperate part and left arm is cast on the body.Casting and details are very good and seamlines are not noticable like the first figure, a fast sanding will be enough to clean it.
  • Body : He wears Panzer Wrap Jacket over his wool turtleneck sweater widely used by Panzer and Kriegsmarine members. Shoulder straps, collar tabs, breast eagle on the right, buttonhole ribbon, iron cross and panzer badge on the left, officer’s belt with metal buckle are all very well defined. He has Mouse grey/White Reversible Trousers and long boots. Cloth folds, front fly buttons and flap covers of the pockets under the jacket are well represented. Left arm is cast on the body, posed to put his hand on his waist.
  • Head : Sculpted in nice facial details, he wears a Winter Fur Cap with eagle insignia.
  • Right arm : Posed to hold a cigarette, it shows nice cloth folds. Cigarette will be scratch-built.

    A nice static posed pair that can be used with all kinds of World War II German tanks or tracked vehicles.
    Highs: Nice posed figures, ease on assembly with less parts.
    Lows: visible seamlines on one figure need to be cleaned. A handgun for the second figure's belt could be nice.
    Verdict: A good pair for German tanks and tracked vehicles.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: B6-35106
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      PUBLISHED: Oct 08, 2013
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.07%

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    Cool. The usual Bravo6 attention to detail and fidelity to realism in scale. Wonderfully animated little dudes. J
    OCT 08, 2013 - 03:47 AM
    I got this figures and the sculping is fine, but I was disappointing that the heads were much to small and should be replaced with some aftermarket ones.
    OCT 08, 2013 - 03:57 PM

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