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In-Box Review
CA Super Glue


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Some say CA glue is like the Force : it holds the universe together. At least, it works well to assemble (non-polystyrene) models like resin.


A Few Words About CA in General
- CA stands for Cyano Acrylate.
- it is very runny, bonds quickly and creates a STRONG bond.
- some products don't bond well. Polystyrene (= plastic kits) is one of those products.
- since it sticks so well, you don't want your kids to mess with CA.
- use protective measures : see below.
- CA bonds faster when in contact with water (or saliva, or your breath).


ZAP (Pacer Technologies)
I tried dozens of CA glues throughout the years. Some are better than others. Some get hard in the bottle, other lose their bonding power, others are in lousy bottles or tubes that are hard to work with or that don't properly seal.

ZAP is by far the best product I tried yet. It is probably the most sold CA product in model stores. There are different kinds, represented by different colors. The difference is in bonding speed and thickness. Pink bottle bonds faster, is more runny. Green/ yellow bottles are thicker, cure slower.


Pacer Technologies has a first aid site to help out. Before messing with CA glue, I recommend you read it.


- protect your hands with plastic or rubber (medical type) gloves
- protect your table top with aluminium foil
- DO NOT wear good clothes when using CA. One drop ruins your pants forever. If you get it on your hands, wash with warm water and soap. Then roll or peel of with your hands. Don't use a knife! Personally I use sanding paper to remove it from my fingers : move your finger hard but very slowly over the paper. If you do it slowly, it doesn't hurt, while the CA gets removed.

Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Suggested Retail: 5.99 USD
  Related Link: ZAP - Pacer Technolocies
  PUBLISHED: Oct 13, 2002
  NATIONALITY: United States

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