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AMPS 2018 Show Announcement - The End is Near
Maryland, United States
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Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018 - 05:03 PM UTC

... well, for AMPS 2018 online pre-registration that is. A few important reminders before the biggest and greatest gathering of armor modelers and enthusiasts in North America this year kicks off:

AMPS Online Pre-registration:

AMPS 2018 is almost here (May 3-5) and online pre-registration will close on midnight April 26th. A few words for those who started pre-registration, but didn't complete it; get it done! You'll be glad you did. For those of you who never have considered pre-registering or are still sitting on the fence trying to decide; take the plunge and see how easy it is. It sure beats getting to the show, sitting down in a corner somewhere and trying to list all you did to each model entry while people are heading to the vendor room or leaving it with an armload of kits, or seeing friends meeting up and making plans for the weekend, but you are stuck with AMPS "homework." Pre-registration really does help members get maximum enjoyment from the show by having all paperwork completed in the comfort of your own cave, desk or wherever you get your best modeling done and having registration fees paid BEFORE you arrive. This way, all the hard earned cash you intend to spend in our well stocked vendors area will be yours to spend! So, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT to pre-register and complete the forms for the models you intend to bring. NOTE: Print those forms and stick them right in your storage box for the models! We want to make sure your time is well spent, and these little items of attention will go a long way to helping your AMPS volunteers to keep the show flowing!

AMPS Category Sponsorships:

While we are very, very close to having all categories at fully funded levels, thanks to many contributors, we are still a bit short, specifically on secondary sponsorships. Consider being a secondary sponsor or get some of your fellow chapter members to chip in funds and reach the target of full category sponsorship by show time. Check out the list of sponsors on the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) and find a category you can help out. Contact information for sponsorships is on the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org). Getting all categories 100% sponsored is within reach with your help.

Raffle Donations:

As you are thinking about getting ready to pack for the show, we are calling on AMPS members to look through their stashes for things they are willing to donate to the AMPS raffle and spare that kit or aftermarket item from a doomed existence on the storage shelf or sentenced to the island of unbuilt kits... or worse... a BB gun ambush. We are looking for the following items in new or unused condition and complete:

newer released kits, figures (resin and plastic), aftermarket sets (conversions and upgrades), reference materials, tools and diorama-related items (structures, furniture, vegetation, trees, etc.).

If you've identified some items for donation, drop Frank Ciccarella, our AMPS 'Raffle King' at [email protected] to let him know that you would like to donate and what you are providing. Since it's so close to show time, save a little extra room in the vehicle and bring donatons directly to the show where Frank and crew will kindly take them off your hands.

As many of you already know, the proceeds from the raffle goes directly into the AMPS treasury to help supplement the Boresight (along with membership dues), show supplies to include medals and awards, and donations to various armor preservation projects. For those who have contributed to this year's show and past contributors, a big thank you for helping make the AMPS raffle one of the many anticipated events throughout the convention weekend.

Judging Certification and Call for Volunteers:

AMPS is offering both Judge's and Table Captain's Certification training at the AMPS 2018 International Convention. This training will be on 3 May 2018, at the Hope Hotel and Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center, Building #823, Area A, Gate 12A, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433.

Judge’s Certification Training: The Judge’s Certification training will be held at 5:00-7:00 PM in the F-86 Sabre Room. The purpose is to build and develop a strong corps of judges who understand, are familiar with and can consistently apply the AMPS judging criteria at the various levels of competition whether the show is local or a large international event. The certification process includes two hours of classroom instruction on the AMPS Judging Criteria. In addition, each candidate must successfully perform at least two judging sessions as a Field Judge. Upon successfully completing this certification process the candidates will be awarded certification as an AMPS Judge. Guaranteed, it will improve your modeling game.

Table Captain’s Certification Training: Table Captain’s Certification training will be held, 5:00-6:00 PM in the Business Center. The purpose of this training is to focus on leadership and managing the flow at the judging table. In order to take the Table Captain's Certification training each candidate must be AMPS certified judges and have judged at previous AMPS international and regional competitions. This training offers candidates an opportunity to take a closer look at leading a judging table and requires participating in at least two judging shifts as a Table Captain. Upon successfully completing this certification process the candidates will be awarded certification as an AMPS Table Captain.

Diorama/Vignette Judges Training: This training session will be conducted on 4 May 2018, 8:00-9:00 AM in the F-86 Sabre Room. The purpose of this training is to acquaint judges to the specific criteria and techniques for judging Dioramas and Vignettes. This training is highly encouraged for any modeler who wants to expand their judging knowledge.

If any of these training opportunities interest you, contact Mike Petty through the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) at http://amps-armor.org/SiteMain/AboutAMPS.aspx#Executive. Contact Mike Roof at [email protected] for more information regarding Diorama/Vignette judges training.

To heed the call for AMPS judges, you can sign up for shifts at http://amps-armor.org/SiteShow/Volunteers/Volunteer.aspx.

It takes volunteers doing all kind of jobs to help make a successful show for everyone, regardless of the job. If you are still undecided about judging, consider volunteering some time to help out in other ways like being a Runner, Ram Rod, Security or some administrative duties like registration. Even volunteering for a shift in one of these jobs will help out the dedicated show crew and all the volunteers who are working to make the show the best one yet! Check out the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) to find POCs to volunteer.

Till the next AMPS 2018 Show Announcement, build on!