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Corvette America - 4-Door Vette (OOB)
Ontario, Canada
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Posted: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - 03:51 AM UTC
If you believe that too much is never enough, then you can probably understand what GM was thinking when they let California Custom Coach create what is perhaps the most excessive Corvette of all time, the four-door Corvette America! The idea was to create a four-door, four-seater Corvette that would, uh, well, I donít know what. It would be long, and expensive, and not really compete with any other sporty car since it was slow. Does that work?

Beacause I love the losers, the odd and forgotten, I clearly have a super-big love of this weirdo. I mean, itís a FOUR-DOOR Corvette!!! How much more forgotten loser does it get than that??? I consider it a miracle that Monogram got suckered into making a kit of this thing, and I consider it an even bigger miracle that I was able to snag one for like, $10 still sealed a couple of years ago.

Of course, I could have just sold it, but I really do like the Corvette America, and that means I had to pop it out of the box and revel in all the late Ď70s bad ideas I could handle. Lucky for you guys, I also decided to share it! (That makes you lucky, right?)

Check out this completely bonkers Vette at the link below, and remember: it was the Ď70s. If thatís not an excuse, itís at least an explanation!