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Looking for a CH Mack model
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Posted: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 - 02:22 AM UTC
If anybody can tell me where I can find some models of some CH Mack's, about a year ago, I remember seeing some, but I can't remember where, and I don't know if they were metal or what, but they had trailers, and sold pretty cheap, I thought, and I think some had equipment on the trailers, cause they were drop decks.

Now I think they were 1/32 scale metal, but what I'm hoping for is as close to 1/24, or 1/25 scale as I can get, and I was hoping for plastic, but if it has to be 1/32 metal, then I haft to do with what I haft to do.

I know I can scratch the 48' fifth wheel trailer, and the Biretta car will be a task hard enough for me to scratch, cause no model maker makes one of them either, but the CH Mack truck with a high-rise sleeper is just to much.

I might be able to modify another CH into a high rise if they don't have one, but the complete truck might be beyond my limits.
Well I was able to find the 1/32 cast Mack's. I found some CH, and Visions models both with day cabs and high-rise extended sleepers, but still if anybody would find any that are plastic or resin, closer to the 1/24 scale that would be better yet.

The front end of these 11 dollar trucks aren't the best there is. There might be something that can be done with that grill, cause it looks nothing like the real one on some of them, and on the others that included the trailers for more money, they don't show the front end of the Vision models, so if they look like the front of the CH, you wouldn't want to look at it anyway.
Oh, I also thought I would tell you the manufacturer in case you found another kind that might be better, the manufacturer I found is, New Ray. Thank You a head of time.