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Athens Show 2006

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The 7th annual Athens Show (2006), organized by the Historical Figure Modelers Club of Athens (The Star Club), was held in Athens, Greece, from 26-28 May 2006. As has become tradition in recent years, the show again hosted well-known historical figure sculptors, painters, collectors and company owners hailing from various regions of Greece and Europe. The show once again provided an excellent opportunity for Armorama and Historicus Forma members to meet in person and share in the camaraderie of the occasion. The most overwhelming feature of the show was undoubtedly the Greek hospitality.
the venue
The show was held in the Psycharis Art Gallery in Galatsi, close to the centre of Athens. The Psycharis Art Gallery is an attractive two story building.

The first floor houses the Café, with décor featuring Greek history and art works. This provided a great place for contestants and guests to mingle, chat, and have a few drinks. The Café also provided master painters and sculptors like Pietro Balloni, Ivo Preda, Maurizio Bruno and Babis Stathis to discuss their techniques, which proved very useful and inspiring to all.

The vendors’ area, also housed on the first floor, hosted many historical figure manufacturers including: Athens Miniatures; Pegaso Models; Romeo Models; Seil Models; Latorre; Andrea Miniatures; Soldiers; and El Viejo Dragon but to name a few. There was also a stand with a large collection of historical and military books. Prices were reasonable and discounts were bountiful.

The Opening Ceremony, Official Club Dinner and Award Ceremony were held in the Café gardens, a fairly large area with trees and flowers.

The second floor houses the Art Gallery proper. The many shelves and desks containing models were well framed by the artistic paintings of past masters on the walls. With the many down-lighters in the gallery, the venue was well lit, making the detailed displays really stand out.

The show was professionally and meticulously organized by members of The Star Club. International guests were met at the airport as they arrived in Greece. Details like the transfers, accommodation, dinners and night life in Athens were planned to perfection. Costas Rodopoulos (our Armorama/Historicus Forma man in Greece) and Kostas Kariotellis (Club President) went to great lengths to organize things and to please all guests. The event went off without a hitch due to all members of the club working hard in and out of the gallery ensuring that all were content.

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