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Basemaking for Beginners: Snow


Convincing groundwork can make or break a figure presentation. It is generally the groundwork that sets the mood and the theme of the presentation and helps the viewer place the figure in context.

For many modellers groundwork may seem a bit intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. This is the first of a series of groundwork articles in which I will cover various different groundwork themes. The aim is to make them easy, quick and fun.

We will start with a fairly simple base that incorporates snow. In this SBS I will take you from start to finish, leaving now to interpretation.

The figure I will be using is Romeo Models’ RM 54-38 Roman Auxiliary Soldier, end of II Century A.C., Danubian limes.
The Tools and Materials

In order to create this fairly simple scene, we will not require many tools or supplies. Similarly we won’t be need anything too “exotic” or out of the ordinary.

The Important bits:

  • A small wooden base
  • Microballoons material for simulating snow

    The sticky stuff:

  • Two-part epoxy putty
  • Thick or medium Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue
  • Transparent (crystallize) White glue


  • Hobby knife
  • A drill that its size will suit the openings for the figures feet
  • Some wooden stick to handle the epoxy putty

    Other useful stuff:

  • Some small pebbles from the yard
  • Two dry twigs

    The figure I will be using for this project. See above for details.

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