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Building A Better Rocket Pod

How to Spice Up a Rocket Pod

In the days of PE, resin cockpits, white-metal landing gear sprouts and decals-weapons and weapon loads, in my opinion, is the area a modeler overlooks the most. Since the weapon/load is probably the most important part of a military combat plane so I like to do a little extra to spice them up a bit.

When I was working on the Hasegawa Apache (1/48), I found the rocket pod had a serious flaw-the back of the rocket has the fire wires molded on which indicates that the pod is loaded. Nevertheless, the front end of the rocket pod is molded flat. If you had ever seen a loaded rocket pod before, you would know that from the front, you can see that the rockets actually extend a little out from each tube.

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:-) Nice tip Dave Unfortunately Spitfires don't carry them, but I will bare it in mind if I ever build anything with rocket pods :-) Mal
JUN 15, 2003 - 06:07 AM