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TWENOT National Meeting Overloon, The Netherlands

(Editors note: this article is also available in Dutch and German in the corresponding section of Armorama)


Overloon (NL) - 14/06/2003

Looking forward for it for day's and today it finally was there, gotten early out of bed, packed some stuff together en on my way to Overloon (Holland).

After about 2 hours drive I came to the National War and resistance museum at Overloon, where Twenot was holding its 2e National members meeting and personally I think they could not picked a better location.

I will talk about this location a little later.

Twenot Logo


 TWENOT: Who/What/Where?


Twenot is a (National) Dutch Modeling club with ± 850 registered members (www.twenot.nl), and as a goal they want to bring everybody together who loves all military vehicles (from 1900 until present day) thru a club magazine en by organizing 3 National meetings.  Also they are holding several events on a local scale and also they organize several excursions to museums etc. ...


In Overloon they where holding they’re second National meeting, and it was a success.

Twenot members had free access to the park and the meeting and non-members had to pay 6,50 Euro at the park entrance, and it was worth every Euro-cent.


At arrival in the meeting hall you could feel the friendly atmosphere and quickly you could view the first models that where on display. There was a adequate area reserved for anybody to show their work en you could participate in the (free) contest and this area was soon filled with beautiful models/diorama's of a high standard, there was, in my opinion, not one single model that did not disserve to be shown there.

There was also a dedicated area where you could show your unfinished project, so that you can get some advise or inspire others. unfortunately this area was a bit neglected and there where only a few projects on display.

Our Belgian friends from KMK (where Armorama is going to have a stand in September) where also present and you could admire their work and squeeze their heads for tips on how to this and that.


In the meeting place there where also a number of (international) vendors and you could strike a bargain here and there (kits at half retail price, ...), and everybody I talked to went home whit lesser money in the wallet then they arrived, and that is a good sign.


A perfect event then?  eeeh no. Like with every event there are certain things that went wrong:

For instance, the lighting was terrible and because of that it was no pleasure taking pictures, especially with my crappy camera, and also the vendors where a bit in the dark.

But I have to say that this was beyond the will of the Twenot staff, this was of the museum, they had another exhibition before Twenot and they removed some lamps and where not able or willing to put them back up in time.


I also heard some criticism about the jury system, because they used volunteers to judge the contest instead of a ''professional'' jury.  To be honest, I have my doubts about a "professional'' jury.

But it is good to know that Twenot is organizing a course so that people can learn how to judge a model in a contest, very admirable.


But except these 2 small glitches everything was perfect.


More pictures of the meeting can be found here:

Website ArmoramA (± 100 pictures)
Website of Eric Reits (± 74 pictures) - very sharp pictures

Website of Carsten Gurk (± 39 pictures)


That day there was also a T55 driving around the place and afterwards you could climb in and out of that monster and take as many pictures as you liked, you can find there pictures on the site of  Robert Blokker.

Event pictures
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