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The Ships of MosquitoCon 2009

On April 4th, I ventured out on a cool, overcast day. Leaving my house later than I originally plan, and knowing full well the parking situation I was going to run into, I headed east to the annual New Jersey International Plastic Modelers Society famous MosquitoCON.

As expected, the large parking lot was full, my handicap plate wasnít going to help, as I drove around the lot, I spotted an unknown modeler walking towards him vehicle. I wave him down and he told me he was parked all the way down the other end of the parking lot. I told him to hope in, Iíd drive him down there---- a sure fire way of insuring you getting that spot!

Being pressed for time, (I didnít have the entire day to spend there) I paid my admission, greeted old friends and set about taking photos. I shot over 700 hundred photos; trying to take at least one of each entry, with some deserving several shots. Editing out the really poor photos, I still ended up posting over 600 photos from the show at my Smugmug site.
Link to Gallery

I have to say it was good to see the usual ďVendors from HellĒ doing a brisk business, and I spotted some really excellent give away prices at several tables. The door prizes and raffle prizes were top notch. I donít know if they had the usual 50/50, as I didnít hear it being announced.

Once again, Bill, and the Motley Crew at NJIPMS managed to put on a first class show. I can whole heartedly recommend making MosquitoCON part of your show circuit next year. The quality of the show, the exhibits, and the awards make the trip worthwhile.

I am looking forward to them putting on the regional later this year, for itís bound to be another top notch show.
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  • 505774124_w3aFg-L
  • 505774172_y5SVd-L
  • 505774369_v2JTp-L
  • 505774530_8nBnr-L
  • 505774626_zpYiw-L
  • 505774680_EAQ3J-L
  • 505775011_Yamrd-L
  • 505775024_2nkc7-L
  • 505775134_LcMtA-L
  • 505775324_Ad5w3-L
  • 505775499_vfFop-L
  • 505775611_rUY2Q-L
  • 505775689_KndPq-L
  • 505775885_AiAzJ-L
  • 505775932_i2zuQ-L
  • 505776078_EiQGX-L
  • 505776228_BkZEa-L
  • 505776384_LBxXM-L
  • 505776399_yc47z-L
  • 505776599_Gtrra-L
  • 505776740_xQdtS-L
  • 505776827_zToqN-L
  • 505777077_rh7xd-L
  • 505777125_4hc9h-L
  • 505777150_bY3YD-L
  • 505777409_WG6ZQ-L
  • 505777489_xLJmT-L
  • 505777516_5AX5Z-L
  • 505777662_D6yic-L
  • 505777906_9T8Th-L
  • 505777909_xK6D8-L
  • 505777936_2jW2g-L
  • 505778110_p5Dxf-L
  • 505778272_qgfFV-L
  • 505778378_REJGF-L
  • 505778434_X3MCK-L
  • 505778622_bGyna-L
  • 505778737_kVtp5-L
  • 505778824_z4igw-L
  • 505779065_A382G-L
  • 505779145_UWdZq-L
  • 505779276_UqcLH-L
  • 505779399_RjqAR-L
  • 505779470_Ammgr-L
  • 505779646_sFF8F-L
  • 505779693_Bnd98-L
  • 505779932_tqtmM-L
  • 505780025_63Thp-L
  • 505780041_WDsqU-L
  • 505780372_DLd8P-L
  • 505780382_6qjFZ-L
  • 505780438_ymuV7-L
  • 505781676_YR2Lr-L
  • 505781648_fTFrT-L
  • 505781648_fTFrT-L
  • 505781522_XNx7J-L
  • 505781465_PvfSs-L
  • 505781354_bKzkW-L
  • 505781215_JbtuD-L
  • 505781104_by5iF-L
  • 505781059_BdB9s-L
  • 505780768_hGtSQ-L
  • 505780761_H5UkX-L
  • 505780719_MneZa-L

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About Dave O'Meara (Grumpyoldman)

I'm rewriting this in a much more humoristic way, to help over inflate my ego, and place my self on a pedestal, because I don't have a life, and plastic models are the only thing I live for. I plead guilty as charged to excessive babble, light hearted humor, and continued encouragement to youngsters...


Nice pictures, thanks Dave. That rusty sub wreck looks nice, any additional pictures ? Cheers/Jan
APR 15, 2009 - 04:10 AM
Hi Jan! There's an account on the project at Steel Navy: LINK --Karl
APR 15, 2009 - 05:33 AM
Thanks Karl! Cheers/Jan
APR 15, 2009 - 08:26 AM
Hey Grump- I was there, too! It would have been great to meet you! Maybe later in the year when they have the Region 2 contest in Runnemede, NJ.
APR 15, 2009 - 10:31 AM
Hope so Bob..... I'm usually easy to spot, just look for the grumpiest old geezer there, with the camera around his neck.
APR 15, 2009 - 01:58 PM