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Armorama Benelux Workshop 2003


November 22, 2003, Armorma-Day. A day to note in the history of this site.

In September 2003 we made our steps out of the virtual world by attending our first modeling event as a club and now we have had our first cooperation with Figure Royale and KMK Scale World.


Quickly after our first modeling event there where some request to do another thing as a group, but what?

As a result of some online debate Gino Poppe (Figure Royale) offered us a Figure painting demo afternoon, and everybody responded very positive and it seemed already a sure thing.

Until .... the moment I have send a open invitation to the board of KMK Scale World (as a thank you for the great day in September).

The members of KMK where also very interested, more even, they offered to make it a whole day of modeling demo's and workshop. This day would not only focus on figure painting but would also show every aspect of AFV building. They where even so kind to offer there club room for the day.

After some debate the date was set: November 22, 2003 was chosen as Armorama-Day and at last everybody could enlist.

About the Author

About Ronny Noben (Roadkill)

Ola, my name is Ronny Noben and I am a plasticohalic. No serious, I started building around 10-11 and one of the first kits I remember is a model of the Nike Hercules Surface to Air Missile. It was the rocket my father was a engineer for in the Belgian Army. As a kid I mostly builded airplanes (vi...


That looks like it was quite a success. I'm glad you shared that with the rest of us.
DEC 04, 2003 - 01:26 AM
Hi Ronny I confess im jealous about you guys, such a great oportunity... If you could make me a copy of that video, Id love have i Cheers
DEC 04, 2003 - 02:27 AM
Hi all I read the article on the workshop. It looks like a great idea and that a good time was had my all. This is just an idea that I'm throwing out but we should try to put somthing like that together on this side of the pond. What do you folks think ? HarryD
DEC 04, 2003 - 03:05 PM